Deconstructing and Supplanting the Current Deep Administrative State (CDAS),


Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance (UAPG)

Dr. Sankarshan Acharya
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

April 3, 2017. Revised April 10, 2017.

To:       Honorable President of the United States Donald J. Trump

Cc:       Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, Ex-President Barack Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders

Date:   April 3, 2017. Revised April 10, 2017.

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Please feel free to circulate. This memo complements another entitled "Commemorating the Original Advocates of Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance."

Dear President Trump,

The modus operandi of the current deep administrative state (CDAS) should be completely deciphered to even think of supplanting it with any alternative administrative state with a mission to attain the unanimously agreeable longing for freedom.

The New York Times in a column, entitled, “The Government Gorsuch Wants to Undo,” authored by EMILY BAZELON and ERIC POSNER, dated  APRIL 1, 2017, fears that Judge Gorsuch, as Supreme Court justice, will restructure-deregulate the current financial market system and, thus, deconstruct CDAS.  The NYT does not mention any Alternative Administrative State that you, Judge Gorsuch and the Republican Party might have in mind to supplant the CDAS

My research shows that the only available Alternative Administrative State which is efficient, stable and fundamentally fair (constitutional) is Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance (UAPG).  I have proved within a mathematical dynamic general equilibrium model of the economy that UAPG obtains in equilibrium and that UAPG is efficient, stable, fundamentally fair (constitutional) and unanimously agreeable, and CDAS is antithetic to UAPGUAPG is, thus, rational (undogmatic) while CDAS is founded on irrational dogmas of its authors.

I am not surprised now why thinkers employed by NYT as columnists do not mention UAPG.  Why?

  • NYT is a part of the CDAS that fears its destruction due to sheer publicity of UAPG
  • I have seen the irony of NYT employing its bank of thinkers to write, e.g., how western philosophy lost its way and why American and European university philosophy departments should adopt Gita and such ancient philosophical writings as part of the elite academic curricula or to rechristen them as European philosophy departments. I have observed logs of frequent visits to my website,, before the dates of publications of such NYT columns, from places of residence of the columnists.  I have observed that many NYT columns have surfaced to mimick new ideas originally broached in my memos to US presidents. This indicates that my memos invariably ‘leak’ to the media. I welcome such leakage even if the CDAS thinkers are too afraid to cite UAPG or its author, let alone rationally challenge UAPG.   
  • This means NYT thoroughly knows UAPG and its author. NYT perhaps invites its columnists to challenge UAPG surreptitiously without ever citing me.  But NYT columnists - with all their wealth, intellectual prowess and media at their command - have failed to challenge UAPG or its author. UAPG is absolute knowlege in governance. Absolute Knowledge is intellectually invincible. In Sanskrit, it is "Eka Brahma Dwitiya Nasti."  
  • In prescribing Gita as a modern academic philosophical text, NYT’s intention was obvious to me: to paint the catastrophic lapses of CDAS like the 2008 financial crash as simply immoral or unethical (Adharma as per ancient Gita), as opposed to unconstitutionality of CDAS due to unconstitutionality of laws drafted by CDAS and enacted by US Congress.  CDAS had failed to paint the 2008 financial crisis as an act of god (invisible hands) before the US Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, despite CDAS' testimony based on an Oxford U Press published book authored by a Yale professor professing a bizarre-absurd theory of god causing a manmade financial crisis.  The CDAS even testified before FCIC that no-one (they must have meant no human being) saw the 2008 financial crisis coming.  The FCIC, after my factual rejoinder on how the CDAS was lying in its testimonies, declared that the 2008 financial crisis was manmade due to failure of CDAS.
  • NYT columnists know from my writings how the ‘Hindu Religious Scripture Gita’ became a philosophical document according to Indian courts for these columnists to prescribe Gita as an elite academic philosophical text: 
    • Gita was written in about 5000 B.C. when no organized religion existed.  The land to the east of river Sindhu was termed Sindhustan by Arab traders while selling spices and condiments, acquired from Sindhustan, to Europeans.   Europeans mispronounced Sindhustan as Hindustan. 
    • Mogul and British invaders branded the Hindustani cultural practice - characterized by devotion to Ancient Dharma, akin to Modern Constitutionality, of not usurping public or private wealth, even surreptitiously - as a religion inferior to their religions. 
    • Mogul emperors resorted to Adharma of killing, maiming and looting Hindustanis. They destroyed and defaced prominent relics of Dharma like temples devoted to Rama and Krishna.
    • The Indian British Raj painted Hindustanis as pagans (unenlightened souls) and depicted ancient literature - like Mahabharat, Gita and Rama written in ancient India to propagate Ancient Dharma - as mythologies (lies) to intellectually eviscerate Ancient Dharma (akin to modern constitutionality) from earth. Even after losing India 70 years ago, British 'scholars' like U of Chicago professor Wendi Doniger in a book published by Random House Penguin Books, continue to paint warriors of Dharma like Krishna as immoral sexual creatures and CDAS propagandist NYT spreads such 'scholarly research' in its columns for its readers around the world!
    • Despite such shenanigans of invaders of Hindustan, epics like Mahabharat, Ramayana and Gita could not be effaced from earth; they continue to be ingrained in the souls of Hindustanis like me. This is perhaps why Hindustanis worldwide remain united despite their artificial divisions based on caste, language and 'modern religions.' The U.S. founding fathers have, indeed, adopted the ethos of Gita - to not usurp private and public wealth surreptitiously - as the primary preamble of the modern constitution of mankind they wrote in 1776.
    • The British-Mogul idea of keeping India divided based on religion has squarely failed with the advent of UAPG. The British attempt to carve a Muslim state out of Hinsustan in 1947 has rather created the Frankenstein of Pakistan in stead of a 'land of the pure [Muslims]' that the name 'Pakistan' connotes.
    • Spreading UAPG has educed the real Mythya underlying modern CDAS literature on economics and finance being spread by the Anglo-American empire to loot enterprising wealth creators everywhere, as was publicly exposed in 2008
    • Independent India used Gita, like Bible in the West, to swear elected political appointees and court witnesses.   
    • I started writing since 2009 that UAPG - attained in general equilibrium within a dynamic mathematical model of microeconomics - was akin to the thrust of Gita, namely, to not usurp private and public wealth even surreptitiously.  Copies of my writings were circulated among all states in India as well as the Supreme Court of India.  Then Madhya Pradesh (a state in India) adopted Gita in classrooms.  The Church of India filed a lawsuit to consider Bible too in the academic curriculum for equality of religions.  The Madhya Pradesh High Court decreed that Gita, not Bible, was a philosophical document after the Church failed to show philosophy in Bible.  I have read Bible many times and find the Indian state High Court verdict landmark.  Bible teaches compassion for the downtrodden, e.g., the modern system of government doles and subsidies, which I have proved as inefficient and uncompetitive leading to unsustainability of mankind. The philosophy in Gita, not in the Bible, proscribes CDAS. This fact about Bible-versus-Gita, not terming the Bible as a philosophical document, should not be the issue facing mankind.
    • The true Jesus-Christian ethos is to pursue vigorously for Jesus' mission of eradicating corruption and oppression that Jesus struggled to achieve in a Jerusalem temple but failed to accomplish as he was crucified. The sketchy unproven stories, published in Indian media, that Jesus visited a temple dedicated to preserve the soul of Krishna - Jagannath temple in Odisha (my birthplace) - indicate that Jesus might have sought the inspiration from the resounding success of Krishna in eradicating corruption and oppression in ancient India (later christened as Hindustan) of the type practised later in Jerusalem.
    • This also shows that the true Jesus-Christian ethos is akin to Dharma of Krishna-Hindutva, namely, to eradicate even surreptitious oppression and corruption.
    • The true Jesus-Christian ethos must have been deliberately omitted as the philosophical thrust of the Bible, scripted after Jesus died by his immediate 'followers,' to preserve continuance of surreptitious robbery and oppression of the enterprising wealth creators while overtly sowing compassion (aka. government subsidies and doles) on those systemically eviscerated of their hard-earned wealth.
    • As the author of triumphant UAPG, I must possess the true Jesus-Christianness or Krishna-Hindutva - which is inherent in the vast majority of enterprising wealth creators - that the CDAS proponents worldwide do not have. This must be why the CDAS dreads publicity of UAPG and its author.
    • The mantra of Gita – not explicitly stated within Gita – is that (i) even surreptitious usurpation of public and private wealth leads to instability and eventual extinction of mankind, (ii) every human should adhere to this mantra, and (iii) anyone transgressing this mantra would ultimately bear prohibitive penalty by the robbed.  This mantra (enlightenment) dawned on Krishna after the enterprising wealth creators in ancient Bharat (modern India) had lost everything in a legal game of Pashakhela which was approved by the king and accepted by all parties in the game.  No one in Bharat but Krishna opposed the outcome of the legal and mutually accepted game of Pashakhela, although everyone recognized ex post that Pashakhela was rigged.  Krishna failed to convince the winners to return at least a part of the usurped wealth to the losers of the rigged game.  When the winners steadfastly opposed to redeem an inch of land, Krishna orchestrated a war between the two parties.  The opposing parties were related by blood and the losing party did not want bloodshed in a war.  Gita was the message of Krisha to convince the losers about the necessity to fight even against own relatives who transgress the mantra necessary for civilized co-existence of humanity.
  • The current market shenanigans - that NYT columnists think Judge Gorsuch would help deconstruct as SC justice - comprise the Modern Pashakhela or CDAS which is legal (as it is enacted by the US Congress) and tacitly accepted by enterprising wealth creators for living under CDAS
  • I have proved ex ante how the CDAS is rigged, surreptitiously. There is no need for a war because non-violent resolution is feasible and possible: supplant CDAS with UAPG.
  • UAPG is Modern Gita and the modern mantra in it is the unanimously agreeable principle of fundamental fairness (constitutionality), namely, to not usurp public or private wealth even surreptitiously for civilized co-existence of mankind. 
  • UAPG is unique and antithetic to CDAS.     
  • UAPG is, thus, the unique system to supplant CDAS.             
  • NYT being part of the CDAS is too frightened by publicity of UAPG to mention it or its author. 
  • Hello NYT and its columnists and readers:
    • UAPG does not stem from and is not founded on any ethics, morality or dharma, as ordained in Gita or any other ancient or modern text/scripture. 
    • UAPG rationally obtains within a contemporary dynamic mathematical model of microeconomics among wealth-maximizing agents in industry, households and markets.
    • UAPG is constitutional whereas CDAS or any other modern system of governance - including Libertarianism, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism and Islamic System - is unconstitutional. 
    • No amount of elite or non-elite punditry from, for example, NYT, Washington Post or top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Chicago, Stanford, MIT and their likes or other think tanks (elite and non-elite) can sweep under the rug the epistemic truth that unconstitutionality (unanimously agreeable fundamental unfairness) ordained by CDAS has led to failure of CDAS that caused the 2008 financial catastrophe, exactly as discovered in my academic research mimeographed in Federal Reserve since 1991 and in direct communication with the US Congress and presidents since 2003.
    • The only way to refute UAPG is to write a contemporary rational dynamic model of math-economics, which is more general than my model, to prove that CDAS attains in general equilibrium as fundamentally fair (constitutional), efficient and stable.  Oxford U tried through a conference soliciting theories that support CDAS but it failed, as admitted in an NYT column written by a Harvard professor, who is now in Stanford.  Alternatively, the CDAS should engage its pool of thinkers to prove that theorems and proofs within my model have errors or the findings of these theorems are not unanimously agreeable or the axioms leading to UAPG are irrational or unacceptable. I have shown that my axioms and UAPG attain in equilibrium within my model. 
    • By conceding before the FCIC that no one saw the 2008 crisis coming, the CDAS has inadvertently but definitely admitted that the one individual (whom the CDAS struggled to hide from general public) - who saw it coming and who proposed UAPG to preemptively avert the looming crisis - is a super-human being or the real invisible hand that has exposed the CDAS as unconstitutional, inefficient and unstable.  I am sorry that I cannot rationally accept CDAS tacitly depicting me as a super natural being because I am constituted genetically as a human being.
    • NYT or any other media and their columnists/authors have so far failed to challenge UAPG or its author.  They could assassinate the scripter Krishna of ancient Gita as an amoral sexual character, as U of Chicago professor Wendy Doniger has done in an NYT column.  Krishna is not alive to defend his character or deeds.  Assassinating the character of Krishna is a useless endeavor for CDAS to surreptitiously discredit UAPG (modern Gita) simply because UAPG happens to be akin to ancient Gita. 
    • The CDAS has tried its best with all its might stemming from robbed wealth but failed abysmally either (a) to assassinate the character of an ordinary Hindustani villager by, for example, (i) checking for plagiarism in his writings through plagiarism-checking algorithms run on, (ii) deputing fake students to doctor the quality of his teaching, and (iii) luring through many unmentionable ways to trap him, or (b) to destroy him physically, for example, by raiding without warrant his jungle farmhouse at his birthplace being built to pursue research on UAPG, after any purge from the academy for daring to propagate UAPG.  My Bhanjanagar farmhouse was raided twice in 2012 by a battalion of Indian Central Reserve Police Force with a Central Bureau of Investigation officer in command, carrying AK-47 rifles, at the behest of CDAS allies in India. This raid occurred soon after I submitted a paper to the Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research depicting how the ancient Indian philosophy akin to modern constitutional preamble of right-to-prosperty has triumphed over CDAS.  The mighty raid-plan was perhaps designed to plant incriminating evidence to jail if not liquidate me in an encounter. It failed (providentially?) because I had left for teaching in USA.  The raiders were free to search anything and everything in my farmhouse (but did not do so because their target was absent), but were ashamed to raid someone with an impeccable reputation of utmost honesty, integrity and civility known since childhood to everyone including the local police in Bhanjanagar area. The Bhanjanagar locals in-charge of construction of the farmhouse designed by an American architect have made it quite beautiful to preserve UAPG.       

CDAS is unconstitutional and it needs replacement by constitutional UAPG.  If CDAS media like NYT avers that Judge Gorsuch will help deconstruct the CDAS, as Supreme Court justice, then the vast majority of American enterprising wealth creators and their representatives (Democrats and Republicans) should unanimously vote for Judge Gorsuch to be the SC justice.  Honestly, I did not know Judge Gorsuch’s potency to deconstruct CDAS as well as I understood after reading the latest NYT column.  The NYT columns have recommended adoption of ancient Gita in elite academic philosophy curricula.  The NYT has, thus, tacitly admitted Modern Gita (UAPG) - akin to ancient Gita - as worthy of elite academic discourse. NYT columns indicate unambiguously that the CDAS has now realized inevitability of UAPG (Modern Gita), thanks to President Trump’s nomination of Judge Gorsuch as Supreme Court justice.        

The Trump Administration may still have not deciphered, though, how the CDAS tentacles have deeply and widely spread over the elite academy, top media like the New York Times and other mind-indoctrinating agencies like the Nobel Committee in-charge of awarding the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics - all based on massive public funds like government grants, student tuitions laden as unrepayable debt insured by the public (after students' parents have been financially eviscerated due to exorbitant tuitions levied by the academy) and robbed wealth of enterprising wealth creators: 

  • For example, the recent NYT column is co-authored by U of Chicago professor Eric Posner, who, along with colleague Doug Diamond, has been floated as a potential recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics as the 'leaked' reports indicate. 
  • Posner and Diamond have published research in the journals controlled by the elite academy to support the CDAS’s primary wherewithal of robbed wealth which CDAS deploys to doctor the political democratic process designed to perpetuate CDAS rule: Federal Deposit Insurance – which allows mega-banks (that are privileged and protected by the Federal Reserve Act) to keep in their custody private deposits of the public insured by the public so that the mega-banks can use the deposits to bet against the public (for systemic robbery) - by using their immensely valuable asymmetrically privileged information on flow of orders submitted by the unprivileged public to market-making subsidiaries for clearing recorded by the private clearing house exclusively controlled by mega-banks - with the Federal Reserve Act insuring against any bankruptcy of mega-banks due to their failure as was vivid in 2008.
  • The Jerusalem temple corruption pointed out by Jesus is really insignificant as compared the mind-bogglingly gigantic loot by the modern CDAS temple. Where are the true Jesus-Christians?
  • The NYT column argues that agencies like the Security and Exchange Commission, FDIC and Dodd-Frank Act have protected the interests of the public.  Such assertion by CDAS advocates is absurd and blatantly false.  They have no contemporary rational model (published or unpublished) to say so. My formal academic research paper on UAPG entitled “Constitutional System of Money and Finance,” shows that these agencies constituting the CDAS are unconstitutional, inefficient and unstable.  This paper was invited and published in the Journal of Financial Transformation that claims to have 18 Nobel Laureates as authors.  Many Nobel Laureates now seem to disagree with CDAS.
  • The only major ‘accomplishment” of the FDIC is to facilitate robbery of small community banks (i.e., the wealth of debt and equity holders of small-community banks) by the mega-banks protected by the Federal Reserve Act.  As a result, mega-banks have grown threateningly larger while many small community banks, that used to fund local enterprise and create jobs in local communities, have been devoured.
  • The Federal Reserve, FDIC, SEC, the elite pundits of systemic robbery, and the students of the elite academy picked as honchos of mega financial and regulatory institutions have singularly failed and their failure has caused the 2008 financial catastrophe (which was worse than the Great Depression according to the Federal Reserve and which caused a loss of $13 trillion of hard-earned wealth and 9 million good-paying jobs in USA), according to the US Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission report published in January 2011. This failure is due to blockage of UAPG policy proposals that were submitted on time to the CDAS guardians including NYT, Washington Post, Cambridge University, Federal Reserve, and top academic journals.  To stem the domino of crashing markets in 2008, the US Congress had to authorize adoption of UAPG policies - like safe central banking and minimum capital requirements on a consolidated basis for bank holding companies – which were submitted by me to the Congress in 2003 and mimeographed in the Federal Reserve since 1991.
  • The SEC has protected and nurtured the short-selling rule which gives the privileged mega-banks-market-makers-clearing-house-controllers the financial nuclear arsenal to bombard financial mayhem to rob almost all unprivileged long and short traders and investors including unprivileged hedge funds, mutual funds, pension plans and individual investors and traders. 
  • There is no act of Congress that permits selling of securities (short) by anyone who does not own those securities.  The SEC, praised by the recent NYT Column, is thus a part of the CDAS.  It is fundamentally unfair to permit short-selling of securities not owned by the seller, by remaining intelligently oblivious of the truth discovered about unconstitutionality and inefficiency of short-selling and privileged private market clearing. The SEC and FDIC could not avert the 2008 financial catastrophe (considered by the Federal Reserve as worse than the Great Depression) because they were foisted on people, ostensibly to avert recurrence of the Great Depression, but truly to continue, legally, surreptitious robbery of enterprising wealth creators by mega banks.
  • The Dodd-Frank Act 2010 debars lawsuits against SEC’s short-selling rule and formally ordains that the mega-banks are systemically important (invincible) and that they can die only if they want through their own will.  This is absurdity to the extreme professed by CDAS that drafted the Dodd-Frank Act.
  • The Nobel Memorial Prize in economics was awarded two years ago to a Princeton professor for his contribution to measurement of poverty, whereas the award recipient has publicly, on New Delhi Tele Vision, admitted (correctly) after the award that he did not have any unanimously agreeable measure of poverty.  This professor and his CDAS have remained intellectually oblivious to the fact that someone else from the academy had already proposed an unanimously agreeable measure of prosperity (richness and poverty) in a paper that was invited and published in 2013 in a journal that claims to have 18 Nobel Laureates as authors.
  • The Nobel Memorial Prize in economics was awarded last year to a Harvard professor for his research which dogmatically (without rationality) pre-ordains first-best status for CDAS agents chosen and anointed by CDAS by meting second-best sustenance to the vast majority of enterprising principals (like citizens of a country). 
  • I have proved since 1991 that first-best status is attainable for the principals (citizens) within a comprehensive dynamic general equilibrium model (which is more general than ever scripted in the literature) in which the principle of fundamental fairness attains in equilibrium (and is thus rational and non-dogmatic). This model is the basis of my rational, unbiased, undogmatic (equilibrium based) Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance. The journals controlled by CDAS refuse to even review this paperor return it with dubious tangential comments like (i) the math is too complicated or (ii) lacking analytical foundation when the mathematican theorems are presented in plain English!
  • All the Nobel Memorial Prizes in Economics public-funded by the central bank of Sweden have been wasted, given the findings of the U.S. Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission published in January 2011 that the 2008 Financial Catastrophe - which is correctly described by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System as worse than the Great Depression - was caused by the failure of economic-financial experts and by their students at the helm of government regulatory agencies and financial institutions. Compare the gargantuan failure of the CDAS' elite academy of economics and finance with the immense success of the a UAPG and its author (despite collusion in CDAS to squeeze the income of this author to barely 20% of that of each of the 1000's of the failed experts) due to adoption by the US Government of some of the same UAPG policy proposals submitted preemptively to CDAS since 1991 and to the US Congress since 2003 - like safe central banking and minimum bank capital requirements for bank holdings companies on a consolidated basis - to stem the domino of crashing markets in 2008.
  • You can see why the CDAS agents dread publicity of UAPG and the prospect that Judge Gorsuch at the Supreme Court will usher an era of UAPG, just like a Supreme Court of India paved the way to decree unconstitutionality of CDAS laws, policies and procedures on legalized surreptitious usurpation of private and public wealth.  
  • The CDAS advocates like the elite pundits of systemic robbery have perpetrated intellectual terrorism to somehow suppress UAPG.  This is treason against the vast majority of people whose freedom–attainable only through UAPG–has been surreptitiously, unconstitutionally and fundamentally-unfairly subverted by CDAS shenanigans. 
  • Now, the fear of CDAS agents (as expressed in the recent NYT column) that Judge Gorsuch would help deconstruct the CDAS shows that they have finally accepted their defeat by a triumphant antithetic UAPG

Final Conclusions: 

  • The only way to undo or deconstruct the CDAS – as conceded by an elite CDAS media, the NYT – is to propagate antithetic UAPG which ensures individual freedom based on perseverance by transcending race, caste, creed, national origin and language. 
  • If the ordinary enterprising Democrats ever know the epistemic truth about how the CDAS has singularly enslaved them (by destroying their accumulated financial wherewithal for freedom, perhaps more severely than that of their Republican counterparts), there will be a true unity among the vast majority of enterprising Americans to establish a true United States of America with UAPG supplanting the freedom-destroying CDAS. 
  • This truly united USA is not the rhetorically painted blue-red-united USA of Mr. Barack Obama.  President Obama’s policy actions show that he was willy-nilly embedded in the CDAS.  His policies unprecedentedly contributed to (a) enslaving of the public by doubling of their government’s debt, deepening of inequality and violating the principle of unanimously agreeable fundamental fairness (constitutionality), and (b) transgressing existing corporate law, etc. 
  • But the Obama Administration remained intellectually oblivious about how continual decimation of wealth – due to CDAS’ system of surreptitious robbery - of the vast enterprising majority raises poverty unabatedly and destroys the ‘animal spirit’ to persevere and produce globally competitive goods and services. 
  • The latest NYT column shows that the Trump Administration would at least attempt to establish an era of UAPG, i.e., a new Administrative State sans CDAS.

With profound regards,     

Founder, Citizens for Development & Pro-Prosperity.Com
Director, Academy of Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance