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March 30, 2014: This is an update of the "statement of welcome," which was first written when Pro-Prosperity.Com was created in 2005. The original statement is still retained below to trace the history of Citizens for Development.

As the founder of CFD, I had observed how governments of countries of my abode (India and USA) blatantly transgressed a fundamental principle of fairness in their treatment of bona fide citizens, that humans including those running the governments consider dear and valuable for their true freedom. When I talked about it to a few friends in India and USA, we saw that rulers were the ones transgressing the principle of fundamental fairness.

After receiving some unseemly unfair treatment, I complained against some upper-rung rulers. This resulted in penalty, jailing and even loss of life of some frontline or lower-rung rulers. Then the upper-rung rulers were also subjected to extortion from top rulers. All the fines and extortions came from robbed public and private wealth. It then dawned on me that rulers were also victims and that they faced a greater risk of heart-attack, blood pressure and threats to their lives than the rest.

Such experience gave rise to a natural question: who is victimizing all of us? The answer was very arduously obtained through a lot of self-sacrifice: it is the established, fundamentally unfair system (rules) of governance. I did not, however, know until 2009 that the established system was also unconstitutional.

Those associated with CFD had originally agreed to seek reforms of the rules of law according to constitution everywhere. This agreement reflected in the original welcome statement of CFD was written in the context of India. But it has amazingly turned out to be a universal desire of citizens worldwide: This universal desire has been articulated in many of my subsequent writings, e.g., A Unifying Philosophy of Governance and A Unanimously Agreeable Rationale of Governance.

Latest research based on extensive DNA matching worldwide shows that humans popped in East Africa and then migrated to India and cultured there for survival and coexistence before emigrating worldwide.  This is stunning because India is the only country that has all human forms (e.g., Caucasoid and Mongoloid) and that the Unanimously Agreeable Rationale of Governanceactually originated in India during the time of Krishna as Manav (human) Dharma scripted in Gita, which is ruled by Indian courts as a philosophical document. Krishna is revered as god in India. It is facinating that Krishna's family name was 'gaud' and the word 'god' stems from German word 'got' while many Germans claim to have Indian ancestery.

In the original welcome statement below, 'India' and 'Indian' can replaced with 'any other country' and 'citizen' in that country to retain its validity and relevance to everyone worldwide. This has amazed me because a statement for 'India' and 'Indians' does not portray parochialism or prejudice and is rather consistent with my universally valid professional research summarized ten years later as constitutional capitalism.


Sankarshan Acharya
Founder of Citizen of Development & Pro-Prosperity.Com  


Dear friend

It is heartening to learn that you like India to prosper for many reasons.  You are welcome to voice yourself through Citizens for Development (CFD) - an entity dedicated to optimal public policies to enhance individual prosperity and social stability.  There is no membership fee.  CFD does not seek public funding, as a principle.  

Predicament of Indian Juggernaut:

Indian talents and entrepreneurial skills are perhaps second to none, judging from real accomplishments in agriculture, software, and apparel business.  Yet, one wonders why India is not advancing as fast as China and South Korea: 

  • Is it because we are satiated with the pace of our advance?
  • Or that our shoddy infrastructure is choking progress. 
  • Why can't India build better infrastructure? 
  • How has China become a major global manufacturing hub, while India has languished? 
  • That global businesses are thronging to China, not as much to India, is clear: China has received annually $52 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) over last two decades, whereas India has barely received just one-thirteenths of that sum. 
  • Call centers serving Western countries are booming in India due to our command over English language.  But when China becomes the economic giant and Chinese learn English as well, we will lose our edge.  

India's Vulnerability:

  • India is vulnerable because of large trade deficits and paltry FDI inflows even after massive depreciation of rupee as compared to relatively small devaluation of Chinese yuan. 
  • Indian expatriates and foreign investors are reluctant to start industries because they dread demands for ransom and protection money by mafia driven law keepers (police), law makers (legislators) and their mentors (bureaucrats). 
  • Government staff takes away 90% of revenues in salaries and pensions.  It borrows most of the bank savings for development.  Such savings do not flow into  real ventures.   
  • Citizens for Development (CFD) has argued that the American economy is a Ponzi Game, which means borrowing more and more to repay obligations and spend.  Indian Central and state governments are also relying on a Ponzi scheme.  The difference is that the rest of the world (including India, China and Japan) still believes in the American promises of repayments in future, whereas India cannot create such belief to buy real goods and services for promises made in rupees. 
  • Will India now borrow externally to pay for the luxuries of its modern Maharajas (greedy politicians) and government staff? 
  • Or create more money and devalue rupee? 
  • By devaluing rupee further, the government creates more fiat money artificially in the private accounts of a few exporters and expatriates.  It then borrows back the government-created private money to pay salaries and pensions of staff who refuse to work without further kickbacks. 

It is the system of governance, stupid!

  • This system of economic governance has made vast rural populations (80%) poorer with many of them seething to join Naxalite movement.  Indian Express recently reported that two districts are falling to the hands of Naxalites every week.
  • India's security threat stems from wealth and income disparities resulting mostly from illegitimate means.  When deprived people notice blatant usurpation of public properties and development funds, they seethe to join Naxal-PWG kinds of movements. 
  • In a country like the U.S., distribution of wealth and income maybe also lopsided, but it is not due to wanton illegitimate usurpation rampantly taking place in India.
  • The American system of governance fairly and expeditiously responds to complaints even from the very poor people.  In contrast, India is bedeviled by a colonial system of governance of lording over masses, massive government debts, payment of 90% of government revenues to bureaucracies unwilling to work without kickbacks, and collusion between such dysfunctional bureaucracies and "greedy" politicians.
  • India is also accelerating depletion of its limited mineral resources and forests, under the rubric of industrialization and foreign direct investments, to fatten dysfunctional bureaucracies and colluding greedy politicians. 
  • Commodities like steel and aluminum exported by degrading environment and depleting limited natural resources are simply strengthening a surging economic giant like China. 
  • India may be hoisting its own petard!

How China has succeeded?

  • The Chinese have successfully pegged yuan to dollar. 
  • By fixing a peg, they neutralized the imperial game of currency manipulation, blocking wealth transfer from China. 
  • Yuan has been moving one-to-one with dollar which cannot be manipulated easily. 
  • China has changed yuan's peg to a fixed formula based on euro, dollar and yen to synchronize its currency with developed economies. 
  • A pegged yuan policy resulted in massive job growth in China because of a system of governance which fixes responsibility of bureaucrats and holds them accountable for accomplishments in establishment and execution of real ventures. 

Why India has lagged?

  • India was forced to devalue rupee. 
  • But rupee devaluation did not help because India is embroiled in a colonial system of governance in which files are being put up endlessly with no one responsible and hence not accountable to achieve anything. 
  • Modern Maharajas (netas) and their advisors (babus) forgot history and indulged in self-aggrandizement by exploiting a colonial system of governance they inherited.  They perpetuated the system designed by British viceroys to subjugate masses. 
  • This system of governance has made India vulnerable to neo (economic) colonial subjugation, again.    
  • Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are amassing trade surpluses and destroying American corporate behemoths like GM and Ford.  But India may be heading towards erosion of exchange reserves due to arms and oil imports, which may have to be eventually funded by loans of dollars created in USA. 

Role of Citizens for Development

  • CFD has been exerting moral pressure on top decision makers in India. 
  • CFD has made tremendous progress in mobilizing grass root leaders across the political divide. 
  • CFD's policy advisories are being read by the Prime Minister and President and some actions are being taken. 
  • For example, the NDA government has appointed a top committee to reform government decision making. 
  • CFD has successfully lobbied against sale of natural-resource based industries in deep bear markets prevailing in India in 2002-03. 
  • The UPA government has laid strong emphasis on reforming the colonial system of governance, and on allocating more resources and fiscal power to Panchayats.
  • PAR system of evaluation of officials has been introduced in 2005.  CFD has suggested amendments to generate public service from the evaluation process.  PAR is path breaking because it will take citizens' input in promoting officials by a committee comprising outside experts.
  • India has now taken serious efforts to get trans-Asia gas pipe line.
  • CFD has repeatedly stressed how China has become world's manufacturing hub through effective and prompt decision making, and Indian system is geared to nibble away capital before deployment, which has subdued interests of even Non-Resident Indians to set up manufacturing industries in India.  Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has taken a path breaking step of making himself accountable for top investment decisions by heading a committee of nine individuals to decide on projects promptly without end-less putting up of files.  These efforts have instilled confidence in Intel to manufacture advanced chips in India.  China has pursued for this venture, but failed to clinch.

What more is needed?

  • We have a long way to go to change the mindset of the government.    
  • To accelerate India's prosperity lip-service must translate into concrete legislations. 
  • If current leaders are unwilling or incapable, CFD must adopt strategies to nurture new leadership to reform the colonial system of governance of India.
  • CFD seeks larger number of saner voices from upright individuals who have prospered and succeeded legitimately.  Such people are more likely than others to succeed in exerting moral pressure on existing leadership or to foster new leadership with volition to repeal the colonial system of governance.  

Philosophy of CFD!

You are welcome to a group of individuals interested in enhancing prosperity through legitimate means.  Individuals can legitimately prosper and sustain their hard-earned wealth in long run only if propitious conditions including the following prevail:

  • Society is governed by rational rules.
  • Individual freedom is guaranteed to achieve one's best.
  • Everyone faces equal opportunity to earn the most, legitimately, based on talents and skills.
  • Equality of individuals is not enforced, as in cooperative communes, to pay equal wage to all.  Such enforcement stifles creativity and productivity of talented individuals.  It then retards prosperity.  It saps vitality of society.  It ultimately makes a society vulnerable to external subjugation. 
  • Pseudo socialism is not preached to garner votes in a democracy.  This leads to heightened individual expectation that can never be fulfilled without hard work of individuals.  Individuals can run behind a mirage of propaganda prosperity for only a limited time.  Ultimately they will catch propagandists.  The seething frustration will lead to internecine chaos.  Chaos decimates individual prosperity, legitimately or illegitimately earned.
  • Conducive environment is created for competition among individuals so that products and services can be delivered efficiently.

We have the right and responsibility to demand for creation of such conditions to thrive individually and socially.  We also have duties to strive for creating such conditions within society.   

Disclaimer and a personal note

By participating in endeavor of CFD, you are not subscribing to any registered or unregistered entity, formally or informally.  You are simply welcome to express your thoughts freely and interact fiercely. 

Individuals have legitimate "vested interests" and should feel good about it.  Vested interest to become wealthy, legitimately, is justified and rational.  But this open forum welcomes all including those with illegitimate vested interests, even if they masquerade among others. 

As "chairman" of a virtual entity called Citizens for Development, I believe in rationality and justice.  But I do not believe in abandoning individuals who have honestly amended irrational and unjustified acts, which circumstances might have led them to commit occasionally.  I do not treat others as enemies and hope (perpetually) that others do not treat me as their enemy.  But I stoutly defend rights and pursue for justice. 

You do not have to believe in my philosophy to participate in CFD's efforts.  You are welcome to even criticize me profusely.  Again our goal should be to attain individual prosperity through legitimate means.  I hope any tumultuous discussion on a topic leads to our goal.  But it is not necessary to have such a goal to participate in this group.

With best regards,

Sankarshan Acharya    

Citizens for Development and Pro-Prosperity.Com

Citizens for Development seeks to propagate optimal policies to promote human prosperity, though without jeopardizing environment. CFD is not affiliated to any political party. Dr. Sankarshan Acharya is a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Finance from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, U.S.A. He has served as a bank regulatory policymaker and has contributed to American competitiveness while serving at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (USA). His works have been adopted in the U.S. banking law. He was an adviser to the Board of Directors of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (USA). He has served as the chief engineering economics advisor in private industry in India. He has taught subjects like managerial economics, corporate finance, options and futures markets and fixed income securities markets in academia including Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai), National Institute for Industrial Engineering (India), New York University, University of Maryland, University of Illinois (Champaign and Chicago), and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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