Intellectual Terrorism to Thwart Establishment of
Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance

Sankarshan Acharya[1]
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

February 26, 2017

To: Honorable President Donald J Trump

Cc: Ex-President Barack Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of Rastriya Swayam Sevak Sangh and every human being. Please feel free to circulate.

Date:   February 26, 2017

Dear President Trump:

Intellectual terrorism is clandestine character assassination of any intellectual thought leader, who might engineer establishment of rational “Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance (UAPG).” UAPG is antithetic to the current system (rules and policies) which vests established leaders (in media, academy, government and industry) with enormous unearned (systemacally robbed) wealth and power.  UAPG is designed to undo the unearned wealth and power.  So, the unnamed sources behind news stories, published in established media with a goal to destroy thought leadership, must be these vested established interests: 

  • Your demand for naming the sources of news stories which your Administration deems to be factually false or exaggerated is unanimously agreeable.   
  • I know surely and unambiguously that established vested interests have panicked since the discovery in 1991 of unanimously agreeable rules of governance which are efficient, rational and fundamentally fair (constitutional), and which are antithetic to established rules propped by academic-dogmatic-irrational-unconstitutional-unfair presumption of privilege for a few.
  • The established vested interests ultimately failed to assassinate the character of the author of unanimously agreeable, undogmatic, rational philosophy of governance.  They could not lure or intimidate to muzzle this author.   Neither could their enormous wealth and power suppress propagation of Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance.
  • Factually, Unanimously Aggreable Philosophy of Governance has triumphed over the established system. 
  • The fear of vested interests (in academy, media, government and industry) - who have enriched and empowered themselves and their kith, kin and cronies through the established system - has escalated after the emergence of a political leader who appears determined to supplant the existing system with Unanimously Agreeable Rules and Policies of Governance.
  • Incidentally, spy robots based in USA and abroad have been downloading copies of writings on unanimously agreeable philosophy and governance from at the same instant as it is accessed by presumably important leaders anywhere.  This means that the vested interests must have tracked your potential interest in Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy of Governance since you entered the race and, therefore, virulently opposed you since the start of your primary campaign because they could not subdue/lure you unlike other political leaders.
  • I see that intelligence agents embedded with the DEEP STATE might be spying on global, including American, political leaders like Mr.Trump who, alarmed by the DEEP STATE, could be (and should be) discussing adoption of Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy of Governance to undo the unsustainable devastating adverse impact of DEEP STATE. The DEEP STATE might have chosen to single out any communication between Trump Administration officials and Russian officials with a hope that ordinary Americans would disapprove of a president connected with 'enemy' Russia.
  • The only way left for global political leaders to undo the DEEP STATE is to OPENLY collaborate on supplanting the established system of robbery with Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance. Keep in mind that the DEEP STATE dreads publicity of Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance. This means that the unique strategy to defang the DEEP STATE is to publicize Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy of Governance by, if necessary, keeping its author anonymous.  

Blind reporting of "news" without naming the source is intellectual terrorism.  The blind academic review system is even a more heinous form of intellectual terrorism.  

  • The blind academic review system (intellectual terrorism) does not even review as seminal and unimpeachable research that is profoundly significant to humanity as the Unanimously Agreeable Rational-Undogmatic-Fair Philosophy of Governance.  The editors simply return papers on such seminal research along with the journal submission fees to the author.  When the editor orders a blind review of such research, the reviewers almost always know the identity of the author, but the author cannot know the identity of the reviewers. The academy has lately detected the unwarranted sway over it of powerful vested interests, as indicated by invitation and publication in 2013 of my paper, Constitutional System of Money and Finance in a journal that has 18 Nobel Laureates as authors
  • If the established elite academic reviewers are intellectually superior, why do they hide their identity or refuse to review unimpeachable, rational, undogmatic research - based on a dynamic game-theoretic math-econ general equilibrium model - on unanimously agreeable system of governance which is economically efficient, stable and fundamentally fair (constitutional) and necessary for civilized coexistence of humanity? 
  • The excuse that a peerless author of unimpeachable research of profound significance to humanity would be a physical threat to the reviewers is absurd at best. 
  • The sole goal of academic intellectual terrorism, deliberately designed to destroy a leading peerless author of nonpareil research, is to perpetuate the system of robbery in which the embedded reviewers are vested.
  • Academic intellectual terrorism being systemically perpetrated, deliberately, to ostracize, impoverish, eviscerate and purge authors of heretical research, which is:
    • as profoundly important to a nation as "Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy of Governance,"
    • economically efficient (so that national competitiveness does not decay),
    • stable (so that civil war does not emerge),
    • fundamentally fair (constitutional), and
    • necessary for civilized coexistence of humanity.


The DEEP STATE is obviously perpetrating intellectual terrorism to destroy heretical intellectual leaders (political or academic) who are poised to undo the established system:

  • Intellectual terrorism, perpetrated through the blind academic review system, has failed to publish as profoundly important research as "Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance" in the journals under the purview of the DEEP STATE. 
  • Yet, the DEEP STATE's intellectual terrorism has abysmally failed to suppress publicity of the epistemic truth about "Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance."  
  • Epistemic truth always triumphs.  
  • "Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance," as epistemic truth, has triumphed.

Your crusade against the established system cannot, therefore, be subdued by any form of intellectual terrorism as long as such crusade is explicitly and publicly predicated on Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance.      

Keep in mind that perpetrators committing terrorism cannot win because of the following:

  • Terrorists cannot create, innovate or produce globally competitive goods and services to become wealthy and powerful,
  • Terrorists feel threatened by those who can create, innovate and produce,
  • Terrorists cannot wage a frontal war (and have, therefore, established a surreptitious system) to usurp wealth and power from those who create, innovate or produce globally competitive goods and services. 
  • Terrorists are, obviously, indolent cowards. 

With profound regards,

Dr. Sankarshan Acharya, Director
Academy of Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance
(Sarbagrahya Darshan and Shasan Vidyalaya)