Unanimously Agreeable Health Insurance Act:
Without subsidy, individual mandate or special tax


Dr. Sankarshan Acharya
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

March 25, 2017. Revised March 26, 2017.

To:       Honorable President Donald Trump

Cc:      Honorable Ex-President Barack Obama and Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders

Sub:     Unique Unanimously Agreeable Health Insurance Act: Without subsidy, individual mandate or special tax on the rich

Date:   March 25, 2017. Revised March 26, 2017.

Dear President Trump:

The only HEALTH INSURANCE ACT which is UNANIMOUSLY AGREEABLE among all Americans including members of Congress is "an option/right for every American to have the same health insurance as that of the members of US Congress, now or in future."  This is what Presidential Candidate Obama promised in 2008, but failed to enact as President Obama.

No American or member of US Congress can publicly disagree with the UNIQIE UNANIMOUSLY AGREEABLE HEALTH INSURANCE ACT.

If you want to WIN, this is the only way. 

The UNANIMOUSLY AGREEABLE HEALTH INSURANCE ACT is the only way to make America healthier, physically, economically, financially and competitively.


  • This Act does not eliminate the existing private insurers and offers an alternative choice for individuals seeking health insurance.
  • It rather creates a Government-Regulated Health Insurer (GRHI).
  • GHRI offers a health insurance policy alternative to the private insurers for individual purchasers of health insurance as a right/option, not as an obligation.
  • GRHI is incorporated as a government-regulated corporate entity with equity and debt owned by public and publicly traded just like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac the in home mortgage industry.
  • GHRI will obviously negotiate with health care providers, hospitals and drug makers to lower prices of medicines and services which is essential for economic survival of the economy.
  • No individual will be required to purchase health insurance.
  • Hospitals will continue to offer emergency services to patients without insurance and collect cost of service based on income and wealth of the uninsured patient.
  • The government will not subsidize anyone (including to the RNC's Freedom Caucus members and their patrons) on health insurance premium or on emergency treatment of individuals without insurance.
  • The healthcare industry will, thus, absorb the cost of uninsured. No-subsidy mantra in governance is necessary to attain the most efficiently competitive economy.
  • The Act will give individuals with sufficient wealth and income the incentive to purchase health insurance.
  • Under this Act, poorer individuals with low income and wealth will have the incentive to work hard to pay for insurance, lest they may be ill-treated by wayward hospitals.
  • This Act will obviate the currently imposed (a) special tax imposed on the rich and (b) surreptitious tax on home mortgage debtholders due to the Treasury Department taking away all profits of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fund the Affordable Care Act. Such taxes are fundamentally unfair. Here, fundamental fairness is defined unanimously agreeably. Taking away all profits of Fannie and Freddie also violates corporate law and constitution, in addition to destabilizing the economy due to financial evisceration of mortgage financing institutions created to uplift the economy.

With profound regards, 

Director, Academy of Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy and Governance
Founder, Citizens for Development & Pro-Prosperity.Com