Unanimously Agreeable Measures of Nationalism

Sankarshan Acharya
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

February 20, 2016

To leaders and followers globally:

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Unanimously agreeable credible measures of nationalism: sweating to produce globally competitive goods and service like food, technology and skills necessary to balance trade needed to preserve and enhance the value of national currency - which is the only unanimously agreeable tangible measure of collective national Ejjat in Sanskrit or Esteem in English.  Ostentatious displays - like saluting the national flag, wearing the hat or chanting the name of anointed fathers/founders of a nation, displaying a national passport or identity card or talking about equality by fuming over the wealthy - cannot be construed as credible measures of nationalism.    

Unanimously agreeable measures of anti-nationalism (sedition?): legitimizing direct and indirect robbery (leading to servitude and unnatural death) of the wealth creating unanimously agreeable nationalists through modern philosophy implanted in constitution, acts of parliament, policies of government, utterances of democratically elected leaders, and verdicts of constitutionally mandated institutions.       

Unanimously agreeable credible measures of serving poor: (a) personally sweating and giving away own hard-earned savings to the poor to help produce and serve to enhance (not underme) the unanimously agreeable national Ejjat, as opposed to (i) indolent sloganeering or sermonizing to have others work for the poor or (ii) burdening the unanimously agreeable nationalists with debt and tax for transfer to the poor for votes, (b) embracing the scientifically proven truth of distinctness of DNA that makes humans unequal in their inherent ability to persevere, produce, create or innovate, and (c) accepting a natural reality that birth is a sure harbinger of eventual death of every human.

The current US primary elections show how a tottering great economy is trying to rise again