Making the Country Great Again

Sankarshan Acharya
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

February 17, 2016

President Barack Obama, Mr. Donald J. Trump, Senator Bernie Sanders and every other leader contesting election

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Make the country great again: adopt unanimously agreeable philosophy of governance by transcending liberal and conservative dogmas that have destroyed the greatness of the country.

The liberal and conservative dogmas are ostensibly divided.  But both are inherently unified to their cores with a singular mission of perpetuating the established system (rules) for robbery of enterprising wealth creators in the left, right and center:

  • How else would the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 come into being to print money - on the back of the enterprising - only for a few privileged too-big-to-fail banks operated by too-big-to-be-jailed robber barons to preemptively avert their bankruptcy?  The TBTF-TBTJ banks never go bankrupt and are used as shells to privatize profits and socialize losses.  How about giving cheap Fed-printed money to Mr. Trump to avoid bankruptcy of his companies or to Mr. Joe to avert foreclosure of his home?
  • Why else would the government permit the TBTF-TBTJ banks to control market making that facilitates gathering of valuable information from flow of orders from the unprivileged investors (pension plans and mutual funds) and why should the government have provided private banks the authority to hold public deposits insured by the public to bet against the public? 

Despite public display of partisan acrimony, both conservative and liberal leaders have accomplished the same ulterior mission of perpetuating the currently established system of robbery of the enterprising wealth creators. A system of robbery is not unanimously agreeable because no one including the robbers wants to be robbed.  But a sophisticated system of robbery could last for centuries with unified bipartisan support.  It is because of an equally sophisticated system of brainwashing the unprivileged: 

  • The system of robbery has created two groups: the privileged that indolently aggrandize wealth and power and the unprivileged that create wealth through exuberance (animal spirit) while alive but surrender everything earned by the time of death. 
  • The privileged have created two alternative choices for the unprivileged to attain prosperity and enlightenment: conservative and liberal dogmas. 
  • The conservative dogma indoctrinates the unprivileged to believe in 'god' and to trust the temple of god for individual prosperity and enlightenment. 
  • The liberal dogma induces the unprivileged to trust government and academy for prosperity and enlightenment. 
  • The privileged control media, government bureaucracy, temples of god and academy to forever suppress the truth about systemic robbery of the unprivileged with impunity.  Any deviant academic researcher daring to expose the system of robbery is punished, severely underemployed and then purged. 
  • The impunity stems from laws foisted on the unprivileged by a unified vote of a majority of elected conservative and liberal leaders being made a part of the privileged.  

Any such system of robbery would, however, last as long as the public remains indoctrinated by myths about god, god's children (Masters of the Universe), academy and government.  These myths were stupendously exposed due to propagation of epistemic truths about unanimously agreeable religion, god, system of governance and about collusion among robber barons and their sponsors in the academy, government and temples of god. 

The robber barons and their sponsors unanimously chimed before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission that the 2008 financial crisis (that publicly exposed the system of robbery) was caused by god because (they proclaimed falsely) no one in the academy, government or industry saw it coming.  No temple of god or academic institution disagreed with such factually false testimony.  As soon as the system of robbery was publicly exposed in 2008, the academy rather tried its best to purge the lone researcher who had seen the crisis coming since 1991, had warned the US Congress and Presidents by submitting numerous memos and papers about a looming crisis and about unanimously agreeable rules of governance to preemptively avert the crisis.  After the lone researcher submitted his rejoinder to disprove testimonies of robber barons and their sponsors in 2010, the FCIC promptly closed its investigation by concluding that the financial crisis of 2008 was manmade and caused by the failure of the robber barons and their sponsors in academy and government.   

Exposure of systemic robbery in 2008 destroyed the conservative and liberal paths of keeping voters divided.  Voters believed (at least temporarily in 2008) that Mr. Barack Obama would undo the system of robbery.  But, alas, Mr. Obama depended on the same privileged robber barons and their sponsors in the academy and government to willy-nilly fortify the system of robbery through Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 and through a policy to take away all the profits from unprivileged borrowers' lenders (Fannie and Freddie).   The same failed expertise followed by the Obama Administration created new public debt of $10 trillion and Federal Reserve printing of another $4.5 trillion.  Mr. Obama willy-nilly made the rich richer and poor poorer. Now, 62 individuals own more wealth than the bottom half and top one percent control more than the rest, while 94 million Americans are still searching for employment.  The degree of inequality has reached unprecedented levels.     

Notwithstanding public display of antagonism, conservative and liberal leaders have been thus unified to perpetuate systemic robbery of enterprising wealth creators.  The system of robbery has continually ruined greatness of America.  It has taken the economy to a rut.  Getting out from this rut is impossible unless the system of robbery (laws that facilitate robbery and protect robbers) are replaced with unique unanimously agreeable rules of governance of banks and financial markets

Talks of breaking mega banks, accountability of Wall Street, or jailing errant bank executives amount to obfuscation of the truth that the country can be made great again only by annulling all existing laws that facilitate systemic robbery of enterprising wealth creators and protect the robbers.  Isn't the truth obvious from rallies of the enterprising wealth creators behind one of them?