Pursuit for Truth and Justice Can Beget
Immeasurably Valuable Peace and Happiness of an Individual

Dr. Sankarshan Acharya
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

First draft January 22, 2009. Revised September 13, 2015

  • Prayer (scientific research) gives knowledge and wisdom.[1]
  • Wisdom forms the basis of seeking justice.
  • Perseverance makes seeking justice possible.
  • Renunciation (non dependence on the results from justice being sought) gives tenacity to continue seeking justice.
  • Purity and integrity of self weakens the oppressors to make them realize their defeat.
  • Prayer, wisdom, perseverance, renunciation and integrity give peace to self.
  • Peace is the ultimate source of happiness.

War is a strategy to seek justice and bring peace.  But war is violent and is not necessarily driven by justice. War cannot beget peace or happiness.

Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi have my deepest regards.  Their deeds have shaped my thinking about seeking and pursuing for justice to liberate the oppressed/unprivileged common people. 

Lincoln and Gandhi were right on all counts except that they did not know that prayer (scientific research) ought to uncover elements of the Unknowable (God) to attain knowledge and wisdom.[1] Their wisdom and knowledge were, therefore, restricted (as everyone else’s).  For example, they did not attain knowledge that injustice and slavery could be imposed on the vast majority by financial strategies of a few oppressors. It was, therefore, impossible for them to secure justice through fair counter strategies needed to liberate for unprivileged common people for restitution and justice.  My recent writing pertinent to this point include: (i) How the constitutional democratic republic of the United States of America has dissociated from the American Empire for liberty[2] and (ii) Why leaders have failed to liberate humanity.[3]

Mahatma Gandhi went to a political movement to seek the support of common people to join the process of liberation. My pursuits have so far has been dissociated from a political process, lest the public may mistakenly perceive that I (like others in the past) have been driven by lure of power and publicity and the oppressors may exploit such mistaken public perception mendaciously that can impede a speedy attainment of liberty of people. 

That Mahatma Gandhi was not lured by power or publicity was clear only after he chose to not become the prime minister of India after independence that he led to win nonviolently.  But the perception that his independence movement could be predicated on publicity and power might have delayed in attaining his goal for political freedom of India.

Gandhi was narrowly focused on India’s independence.  This focus made him parochial. Lincoln was also narrowly focused on emancipation of physical slavery.  Their narrow focus could be because they did not uncover the knowledge that injustice everywhere - irrespective of the place in the West, East, North and South, and skin color like White, Black or Brown, and religious denomination or atheism - has a common force: a few people, driven by lust for self-aggrandizement, self-entrenchment and publicity oppress by obfuscation of the vast majority through religious, financial, military or academic dogmas that cannot be easily deciphered let alone countervailed.

My research/prayer since 1991 has led me to uncover the moral hazard shenanigans of this common force as well as important counter strategies, such as, moral hazard free optimal rules of governance needed to attain liberty for people.  The term 'moral hazard' is euphemism for blackmailing. 

People including my family have often asked me about my 'gain' from such selfless efforts.  Selfless discovery of absolute knowledge on governance of mankind for liberty from moral hazard and for begetting justice leads to immense peace and happiness whose value is immeasurable.  This is my enlightenment.

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