Unanimously Agreeable War for Freedom

Sankarshan Acharya
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

February 27, 2016

To leaders and followers globally:

JUNG (war) for AZADI (freedom) from the most potent
unanimously agreeable enemy: systemic blackmailing

Can JUNG (non-violent war) for AZADI (freedom) be unanimously agreeable? Freedom is unanimously agreeable.  JUNG can be unanimously agreeable only if there is a unanimous agreement about the enemy.  In fact, a politically defined nationhood depends on a unanimously agreeable enemy.  The volition to defeat such enemy is politically construed as nationalism.       

Some Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student leaders have eloquently expressed that the RSS (National Volunteer Group) and Bharitya Janata Party are their enemies.  The BJP wants an India devoid of the Congress Party.  Indian independence leaders had formed Congress to undo British rule in India.  An apostle of nonviolence, Mahatma Gandhi, was the leader of Congress.  Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dismantle Congress after Indian independence.  But he was killed soon after India gained independence from British rule.  Congress continued as a political party, now known as Indian National Congress. 

The enemy of pre-Congress era ancestors of RSS-BJP is unknown.  This means some core ethos of INC are detested by RSS-BJP leaders (and perhaps by their pre-Congress era ancestors also).  RSS-BJP campaigned against those INC ethos and won a landslide in 2014.  The monumental victory of RSS-BJP in 2014 must have made it the enemy of all other political parties including student wings in various universities. 

Political competition for revival of India's ancient economic glory has actually started as volition of people granting the BJP a landslide in 2014. Competing parties should, therefore, realize that mutual hostility will only cause collective failure in detecting, let alone fighting against, the most potent unanimously agreeable enemy of people wanting economic success necessary for AZADI.  Without detection of the potent unanimously agreeable enemy, a JUNG for AZADI is futile.

It took centuries for Indians to fathom how the British rule was their unanimously agreeable enemy hobbling their AZADI.  The unanimously agreeable enemy now may not invade or rule India the way it did in the past.  Conventional army preparedness with nuclear bombs may do nothing to destroy such enemy.    

A.  Failure of Established Punditry

Why aren't anointed pundits in academy and media discoursing on the potential unanimously agreeable enemies?  Can gurus educate their disciples on JUNG for AZADI from any such enemy if they have failed to discover such enemy? 

The RSS-BJP cannot be the unanimously agreeable enemy, as alluded to by student leaders at JNU.  Neither can any other political party or group talking about JUNG against RSS-BJP be the unanimously agreeable enemy.  To be credible, gurus cannot masquerade their parochial apparition behind the veil of the academy or temple of god to paint each other as enemies. 

Sloganeering for JUNG against one another for AZADI from one another will achieve nothing but internecine that facilitates loss of AZADI of everyone.  Breaking up of Bharat (undivided British India) based on religion and language did not engender AZADI of individuals in each divided landmass.  Accept the truth that the undivided India got AZADI only after Hindus and Muslims united and all other religious and linguistic groups joined to revolt through Sepoy Mutiny (India's first war of independence) against a unanimously agreeable enemy (British rule). 

Parochial satraps allied with the British rulers were, however, lured by self-interest (i) to divide India based on religion and language before independence and (ii) to adopt a constitution that grants a fundamentally unfair privilege based on birth to certain castes and groups after independence. This is causing (a) internecine among self-aggrandizing privileged leaders of parochial groups based on caste, religion or language, (b) perpetual impoverishment of the unprivileged within each group while a few privileged leaders enrich to remain entrenched in power to foster continuity of such divisions and (c) failure to detect, let alone devise a unified strategy to fight against, a unanimously agreeable enemy lurking to subjugate a divided country again.

The foremost unanimously agreeable necessities for AZADI are (i) UNITY, not divisive internecine under the rubric of freedom to sloganeer for self-enrichment and self-entrenchment in power and (ii) discovery of the unanimously agreeable enemy of AZADI to wage a unified JUNG.    

B.  Discovery of a Unanimously Agreeable Enemy

The economies in USA, Europe and rest of the world have crashed because of failure of leaders to identify any unanimously agreeable enemy.  The US bombed Iraq at a cost of $5 trillion and precipitated the ongoing middle-east crisis.  The gurus behind this war could not make crude oil cheaper after the war.  Crude oil was about $25 per barrel before that war.  The oil price rose to $147 per barrel in 2007, primarily due to market manipulation, futile sanctions on Iran, and US government buying oil to build massive reserves to prepare for WW-III that the world never wanted to wage.  Think about the US government now intending to sell crude oil reserves at $30+ per barrel after buying it ten years ago at $100+ per barrel!  Iraq had no weapon of mass destruction.  The middle-eastern war indicates a colossal failure of the highest paid gurus of the world.  These gurus failed to identify any unanimously agreeable enemy.  A vast majority of Americans do not like to wage wars that their leaders have foisted on them through lies and deception, as pointed out by the front runner Republican Party candidate, Mr. Donald Trump, in a public debate this month.  More than 90 percent of American households are bankrupt, 94 millions of Americans are searching for jobs, 1% of the richest hold more wealth than the rest, 62 individuals have more wealth than the bottom half. 

Has affirmative action (informal quotas) helped the minority African Americans with one of them serving as president of USA during the last 7.5 years?  The unemployment among employable African Americans is about 50%; this is abnormally higher than the average.  But the kith, kin and cronies of the president have become super rich and powerful.  Quotas in India are likewise doing more economic harm (giving less AZADI) to the unprivileged people in various castes and tribes as the leaders and their kith, kin and cronies turn ultra rich and powerful.

Are the parochial leaders, turning richer and staying entrenched in power, the unanimously agreeable enemy of AZADI of people?  NO.  Is there any other unanimously agreeable enemy surreptitiously excoriating the AZADI of people everywhere? YES.

Surprisingly, the most potent enemy of humanity - surreptitiously undermining liberty of people - is unanimously agreeable.  No one in the academy, government or industry could identify this enemy over the centuries (or since time immemorial), according to the 2010 testimony before US Congress of the highest-paid gurus of the elite academy and their disciples anointed as Masters of the Universe (god's children) and government regulators. 

Since childhood, I was subconsciously warring (nonviolently) against an omnipresent impersonal enemy.  This perhaps impelled me to understand this enemy during formal doctoral research and thereafter in the real world in order to delineate winnable strategies to defeat this enemy without knowing, until now, that this is the most potent unanimously agreeable enemy hobbling freedom (AZADI) of humans everywhere:  I christen this enemy as systemic blackmailing, which is euphemistically called moral hazard in academic jargon. 

I learned about the moral hazard problem from pioneering  academic gurus, who could devise only second-best resolution of the problem, which meant that privileged agents of the economy (like CEOs of companies and financial honchos and government regulators and democratically elected political leaders having privileged superior information) would enjoy first-best status by subjugating principals (such as shareholders of a company or citizens of a country) to second-best sustenance.  These esteemed elite gurus advised students like me that nothing better could be done and no further research on efficient (first-best status for principles) was needed.  This education rekindled my subconscious war against the pervasive second-best status of the talented and enterprising individuals: why should eminent academic gurus assume (in academic models that are supposed to be unbiased) that the principals have to grant privileged superior information to agents for the latter to enjoy first-best status by subjugating the former (the real owners of a company or country) to second-best sustenance?     

Blackmailing, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary online definitions stated below, is the single most destroyer of individual freedom:

  • threatening to tell secret information about someone unless the person being threatened gives you money or does what you want;
  • a tribute [protection money] anciently exacted on the Scottish border by plundering chiefs in exchange for immunity from pillage;
  • extortion or coercion by threats especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution; etc.

Anyone being blackmailed obviously surrenders freedom.  Systemic blackmailing, though, takes away the freedom of everyone, rich or poor, privileged or unprivileged, powerful or meek.  Blackmailing of humanity has become systemic, i.e., supported and fortified by a system (rules) of governance created at the elite academy and adopted worldwide:

1. Democratically elected or authoritatively appointed lawmakers have imposed laws beyond-judicial-review:

  • To surreptitiously rob the enterprising wealth creators with impunity.
  • To feed thus-impoverished individuals with crumbs from the loot to exhibit compassion.
  • To utter slogans against remaining wealth creators to blame the latter as the cause of impoverishment of others so that no wealth creator could ever garner majority support to fight against systemic blackmailing. 

    Ancient Indian Maharajas with knowledge, discovered by through meditation of saints, had perhaps invented systemic blackmailing of their subjects.  The Maharajas had so debilitated their enterprising subjects that their kingdoms were easily captured by a few Mogul and British invaders. The British learned systemic blackmailing from the Indian Maharajas, and successfully adopted it in their colonies for centuries.  Even after independence, major colonies like India and USA have further fortified the system of blackmailing of their liberated denizens. 

    To gain independence (perhaps for themselves), the leaders of independence movement agreed to divide India based on religion.  Mahatma Gandhi appointed Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as the first prime minister of India by defying the overwhelming majority vote of Congress party members in favor of Sardar Ballavbhai Patel. Mahatma Gandhi was allied with the British Raj, according to latest research. British rulers obviously used Mahatma Gandhi and Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru to disenfranchise Indian principals (citizens) to surrender AZADI (freedom) on independence.  The British agents (PM Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi) ensured that the Constituent Assembly was headed by an agent of the elite academy (Dr. B. R. Ambedakar was a graduate of Columbia University) to foist on Indians a constitution to grant privilege to individuals based on their birth to certain castes and tribes.  The colonial strategy obviously was deliberately designed to foster perpetual internecine and disunity to deprive AZADI of people in the partitioned 'independent' nations created in 1947.  Not surprisingly, Anglo-American think tanks have lately expressed that they fear unity between India and Pakistan because NATO cannot confront a mighty sub-continental army. 

    Privilege by dint of birth to certain caste, tribe or group not only transgresses the basic constitutional principle of fundamental fairness, adopted as the constitutional norm everywhere including Britain. Such privilege also fosters indolence and retards economic prosperity of skilled people capable of persevering.  Unprivileged (fair) competition kindles animal spirit of at least those willing to persevere for AZADI and economic prosperity. 

    Unprivileged (fair) competition rapidly expands aggregate wealth because numerous people with ability and skills to work hard - who have remained addicted so far to government subsidies, doles and quotas - can be motivated by the prospect enrichment and freedom when they see dignity and value of their own work preserved without government doles and without government robbery of their wealth.  This expands aggregate wealth so abundantly and so rapidly that a multitude of wealth creators will have more to give as charity to those who are left behind due to disability. 

    A governmental system of charity, doles, quotas and subsidies - based on systemic robbery of wealth creators - invariably turns the skilled and able indolent and dependent on governmental favors.  The governmental system of favors is a domino towards misery for all, except those that indolently enrich as rulers and their kith, kin and cronies.  At some point, though, the multitude getting impoverished despite skills and hard work stop responding to the crumbs thrown at them by such rulers.  Rulers thriving on a system of government-ordained doles, quotas and subsidies - funded by systemic robbery of wealth creators - have eventually been ousted with their wealth clawed back by the people worldwide. 

    The current system of subsidies, doles and quotas based on robbing of wealth creators and blocking of talented and productive individuals is inefficient and unsustainable besides being fundamentally unfair.  This system cannot be unanimously agreeable.  It should not be agreeable even to usurpers/robbers because of the inevitable adverse consequence they ultimately face worldwide. 

    Only myopic rulers with an ostrich-like approach would like to continue the already-failed system of quotas, subsidies and doles - with a mistaken belief that most people are too stupid to like AZADI through wealth created by their own skill and hard work.  Such rulers would eventually face defeat like in 2014.    

It is a big mistake for a country aspiring to be an economic leader to continue the system of quotas (or affirmative action), subsidies and doles funded by systemic robbery of wealth creators.    

2. Democratically elected leaders of India nationalized banks and granted these banks a guarantee for their solvency through continual funding from the public exchequer:

  • The nationalized banks routinely transfer public funds to leaders' kith, kin and cronies in collusion with bank executives, ostensibly to finance projects that invariably turn out to be junk.
  • The nationalized banks, when they need public funds to avoid insolvency, blackmail the public of dire economic calamity so that the public does not protest against printing new money on their back to give it to the banks (i.e., to the kith, kin and cronies of democratically elected leaders). 
  • The public is thus looted by the publicly protected never-to-fail nationalized banks run by complying bank executives with the loot directly shared by the kith, kin and cronies of democratically elected leaders in India.

3, Dmocratically elected leaders in USA and Europe have structured publicly protected private banks with the same ulterior goal of systemic blackmailing of the public. 

  • The public is robbed by publicly protected too-big-to-fail "private banks" run by too-big-to-be-jailed robber barons with the loot indirectly shared with democratically elected leaders.
  • Democratically elected lawmakers pass beyond-judicial-review laws to guarantee deposits in banks kept solvent with new money created by a central bank and to authorize the banks to use enormous funds in their custody at virtually no cost to bet against wealth creators by observing (through their market making and clearing authority) how the latter trade.     

4. Systemic blackmailing hobbles freedom of farmers and daily wage earners (who live hand-to-mouth or paycheck-to-paycheck) even though they are unable to accumulate positive wealth but occasionally receive few crumbs (like doles and debt forgiveness) thrown at them for votes during elections.  It may appear that these individuals have no wealth to be robbed.  In reality, though, these farmers and daily wage earners often lose their complete freedom - leading to more suicides among them - due to systemic blackmailing, as compared to positive wealth holders.  How?  Bank deposits flow to those connected to the leaders at subsidized rates of interest.  Banks make up their losses due to such subsidies by charging higher interest rates on loans given to the most capable farmers and daily wage earners.  Most farmers and daily wage earners do not easily get loans from banks.  They pay exorbitant rates of interest on loans made from money lords who fund these loans by borrowing from banks at much lower rates with profits shared with bank managers.

5. Even continual stock market crashes engineered through systemic blackmailing leads to economic bondage of the vast majority of enterprising individuals who have no financial investments or bank deposits.  How?  When markets crash, investors salvage their savings for survival by liquidating their ownership of enterprises.  As the enterprises shrink, unemployment and severe underemployment ensue.  Those with no savings and just debt then remain financially bonded without freedom.

6. Systemic blackmailing of Hindus based on denigration of their religion has been perpetrated over centuries by Mogul and Christian invaders. The invaders painted Hindus as unenlightened pagans, heathens and idolaters who must surrender their possessions, abandon their faith and obey commands of new rulers as enlightened path to god and heaven. Such systemic blackmailing of Hindus worked for centuries by branding Hindu scripts like Gita as mythology (discourse of mithya or lies). 

Dispassionate research based on a comprehensive mathematical general equilibrium model of the economy shows that the crux of Gita - to not usurp others wealth even surreptitiously, e.g., through Sakuni's Pashakhel - is crucial for economic efficiency, prosperity, stability, fundamental fairness and civilized coexistence of humans. 

The Mahabharat JUNG was for AZADI of enterprising and persevering Pandavas whose possessions were surreptitiously robbed by a Pashakhela engineered by indolent usurpers (Kauravas).  Pandavas were then told to obey the rule of the game ordained by king Dhritarastra.  Even Pandavas had then agreed that they legitimately lost their properties.  Only Krishna discovered that rigged rules were not fundamentally fair (Adharma) and detrimental for civilized coexistence of humanity.

Indian courts have accepted Gita as a philosophical document.  The Supreme Court has treated fundamental fairness as the foundation of Indian constitution,  This means the systemic blackmailing of Hindus - whether through University of Chicago professor's book painting Krishna as an amoral sexual character or  through a JNU pamphlet painting Durga as a sexual worker - is unconstitutional under the Supreme Court guidelines.  Such blackmailing is deliberately intended to snatch political power from BJP-RSS to continue systemic blackmailing and robbery of enterprising Indians.   

War (JUNG) against the unanimously agreeable enemy of systemic blackmailing is the only path to unity and individual freedom (AZADI)

The constitution of every country, which has so far permitted enactment of laws to facilitate and fortify systemic blackmailing and imperil individual freedom - must be amended in order to repeal all these laws and to never enact any new law that would rob individual or common wealth even surreptitiously. 

C.  Media Dereliction in not exposing the True Seditionist

Asking for a radical revolt (even though non-violent) against the established constitutional democratic system and demanding a replacement of existing constitutions worldwide makes me anti-national and seditionist in every country.  Why is media muted about true sedition and anti-nationalism?  Why is the Indian media fixated about student slogans designed deliberately to pit one political group against the other for perpetuation of disunity and bondage (as opposed to AZADI) of people? 

The current agitations and debate in India make the following points obvious to a dispassionate peerless global seditionist:

  • The students and their gurus are raising slogans (as their constitutional right) to regain lost political power in the internecine game playing in India since independence. 
  • The students' ideas on JUNG, AZADI and breakup of India are incoherent. 
  • AZADI from the unanimously agreeable enemy of systemic blackmailing of people in Jammu and Kashmir or in any other province is simply impossible through further break up of India. Islam has failed to free most people in countries following Islamic rule.
  • The discourse by the established media and academic pundits over whether the students are seditionists, as claimed by the government, is moot because the students' slogans for AZADI is devoid of any unanimously agreeable enemy for JUNG. 
  • Self-aggrandizing and powerfully entrenched parochial leaders have adopted a self-serving strategy of engaging students - who are supposed to study and discover new knowledge including wisdom for AZADI and strategy for JUNG - as pawns to perpetuate disunity and bondage (not AZADI).
  • Any political party willing to wage a successful JUNG against the unanimously agreeable enemy of systemic blackmailing can attain unity, AZADI, prosperity and enlightenment of people.  The Congress, RSS-BJP and other parties should compete with each other to become the party to wage JUNG against the unanimously agreeable enemy of AZADI of people. 

D.  Role of Academy

The academy should remain unencumbered by colonial legacy.  The academy's role in society is to dispassionately discourse, discover and disseminate truth for civilized coexistence of humans. Doing so is necessary for continued support of people for the academy.  Academic freedom is to propagate, not suppress, discoveries on fundamental fairness, stability, efficiency and civilized coexistence of humans.  Academic freedom is certainly not to develop slogans and literature to foster internecine which ultimately leads to loss of AZADI of people including the students and faculty.  The academy should be in the fore front of articulating strategies for real AZADI through JUNG against the most potent unanimously agreeable enemy of systemic blackmailing foisted on India to undermine freedom of people, by self-serving colonial leaders and their agents still active in the country. 

In particular, the government should tune scholarly leadership at JNU - and perhaps even rename JNU to make it impersonal, say, Indian Institute of Philosophy since all areas of academy converge to philosophy and India is the origin of most philosophies spread around the world - to make it the epicenter of dispassionate discourse and discovery of strategies to defeat the most potent unanimously agreeable enemy in a unified JUNG for AZADI.   It is easily achievable and paramount for India.

E.  Survival of Media: disseminate truth about Unanimously Agreeable Enemy

Discovery of the most potent unanimously agreeable enemy of mankind has ushered in a new era for the world as well as India.  Advent of the new era may, in fact, be providential: 

  • If my father failed to borrow the Rs.169 needed for my admission in higher education or if I missed the only bus to the university on the closing day of admission, I would not have received the scholarships awarded to me (without my knowledge) to pursue higher education. 
  • I could not enter the elite center of research on moral hazard (Northwestern University) - if NU did not return my original application for admission into decision science.  I had not paid the application fee due to lack of funds and had requested NU to waive the application fee.  I would have perhaps studied decision science at Wharton (from where I had an admission offer), not finance at NU, had I not modified the area of my choice to finance from decision science on the same application that NU returned.  I resubmitted my application to NU with a significant change in the area of discourse as finance but with the required application fee that I could accumulate in the interim.  
  • It must be providential for an insignificant Indian villager:
    • to get an offer to teach at NYU Business School, situated across Wall Street, a year before the unnerving financial market meltdown in 1987,
    • to be invited for research at US Congressional Budget Office and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (which had two set of toilets for whites and the rest until 1965),
    • to challenge the top brass of the largest bank of the world (Citigroup) about its breaking of the foreclosure law,
    • to be able to write to US Congress to enact a new safe central banking rule to avert transgression of the bank foreclosure law in order to avert a looming economic calamity that only he saw coming and that actually unfolded precisely for the reasons discovered in his research, and
    • to have the US Congress adopt in 2008 his policy proposals submitted since 2003 to avert the 2008 crisis preemptively.  

In fact, the irreversible movement to undo systemic blackmailing in India is also providential.  It started through my meeting with a retired SC-CJ about why the Supreme Court did not consider my PIL on economic robbery that had decimated freedom of most Indians, while the apex court was entertaining far less significant PILs.  The SC-CJ told me that the SC considered economic policy as executive prerogative in which the Indian courts did not intervene.  He was convinced, however, by my plea that undermining of individual freedom through systemic robbery via executive orders or acts of parliament was fundamentally unfair and unconstitutional.  He also indicated that if the government guidelines for retired justices permitted, he would be associated with Citizens for Development.  He treated me with snacks and sweets and accepted my request to consider forwarding my memos to the network of justices.  Thereafter came two landmark SC judgments against executive orders that had grabbed farmlands in NOIDA and distributed coalfields to cronies without transparent public tenders.  Since that meeting, the SC has been rightly considering mega surreptitious robbery of individual and public wealth through economic policy foisted on people as executive orders and parliamentary acts passed by democratically elected leaders of India.  Since the executive and legislature failed to achieve AZADI of people through avoidance of systemic robbery, the SC rightly stepped in to restore constitutionally guaranteed fundamental fairness and freedom.       

There is another very long real story starting in 2004 that led to a JUNG for AZADI of Indian bureaucracy, which is the backbone of India and whose freedom from the democratically elected representatives is paramount for AZADI of people.  This JUNG successfully led to delegation of requisite authority to bureaucrats for them to fulfill their public service tasks with a credible threat if the needed authority were not granted, people would join the bureaucrats for AZADI.  The bureaucracy attained empowerment and independence. This verily emboldened many top bureaucrats to 'leak' government shenanigans on systemic blackmailing.  Then anti-corruption movements ensued.  It climaxed in unseating of the regime reigning India since independence.  The current student union leaders' slogans on JUNG for AZADI, therefore, are futile, vacuous, incoherent and unwarranted.

F.  Conclusion 

JUNG for AZADI can succeed only of it is waged against a unanimously agreeable enemy like systemic blackmailing that has undermined AZADI of humans (rich and poor) everywhere: 

  • The beneficiaries of systemic blackmailing have been lately unnerved about losing their accumulated wealth and power. 
  • Even the wealthiest beneficiary of systemic blackmailing (Hosni Mubarak) would prefer AZADI to incarceration with such wealth. 
  • Systemic blackmailing for enrichment and entrenchment in power is not one-way street to wealth and power.  Talent, skill development and hard work with sincerity, honesty and efficiency matter.
  • The antiestablishment front-runners of the Republican Party, Mr. Donald Trump, and of Democratic Party, Senator Bernie Sanders, in USA have truly frightened the established system of blackmailing that had been robbing enterprising wealth creators for centuries. 
  • The system of blackmailing to rob wealth creators to fund corporate subsidies shared with democratically elected political leaders supporting such robbery and to distribute doles for votes is not sustainable because of the following reasons:
  • The wealth creators being robbed will eventually slow down their work to thwart such robbery. 
  • Then the economy will be depressed. 
  • Leaders will face declining tax revenues for funding doles and subsidies to their constituents. 
  • Leaders will then be forced to print money to distribute doles and subsidies.  The value of these doles and subsidies will decline.  The dole/subsidy recipients will then revolt against their leaders in each caste, language or religion. 
  • This happened in 2008 in USA and is going on now. 
  • This happened in India in 2014.  The losers failing in their divisive strategy will have nowhere to hide as their own followers will hound them. 
  • Just think:  A vast majority of African Americans did not benefit from election of an African American president.  A vast majority of people in every caste, religion or language are likewise not benefiting from enrichment or empowerment of their leaders in India.  Only the kith, kin and cronies of leaders everywhere are being enriched and empowered due to systemic blackmailing and robbery of wealth creators. 
  • The epistemic truth about systemic blackmailing will continue to triumph because the fact about the failure of this system in attainment of freedom and prosperity based on individual perseverance is being recognized unanimously and spreading electronically.

The only way to reverse the current pervasive economic calamity and to restore individual freedom and prosperity is to dismantle the established system of blackmailing of wealth creators and to supplant it with unanimously agreeable rules of governance.