Dissociation of USA from American Empire

Dr. Sankarshan Acharya
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

August 29, 2015

To:        Honorable President Barack Obama
Cc:        Everyone affected (please feel free to circulate)

Sub:      Dissociation of USA from the American Empire 

Date:     August 29, 2015

Dear President Obama,

By USA, I mean the constitutional, democratic republic of the United States of America.  By American Empire, I mean the robber barons and their political, academic and media allies who have governed USA by establishing a system (set of rules) to facilitate surreptitious usurpation of public and private wealth unconstitutionally.[1] 

As an impartial observer, I have seen since 1991 - as a Federal Reserve economist through my comprehensive general equilibrium model[2] - that sustenance of the unconstitutional system of robbery through 'moral hazard' is impossible.  A moral hazard-prone system of governance is inefficient, unstable and fundamentally unfair for the vast majority of enterprising households comprising USA.  Proving the existence of moral hazard without having access to the secret trading data of the American Emperors - which is beyond the purview of even the Federal Reserve - was impossible for a nondescript Fed economist.  Now, of course, the Federal Reserve has admitted that moral hazard is a serious problem for the economy.[3]

Only after I dissociated from the Fed, succeeded in narrating the outcomes of my comprehensive general equilibrium model in plain English and submitted the same to the US Congressional leaders in a series of memos and papers starting in 2003[4] and then in 2005[5] and 2007[6] did an imminence and inevitableness of a crash of the American Empire pervade the minds of Emperors.  Only then did the Empire worry about being dissociated from USA.  The Empire then drafted a top baron as 'public servant' to fix the unsustainable system.  All the actions of this 'public servant' were meant to fortify the Empire, which resulted in a blatant and publicly visible robbing of public and private assets via 'moral hazard' (which is an academic euphemism for blackmailing) of political representatives of USA.  These actions led to a catastrophic crash of markets in 2008 and a complete psychological dissociation of USA from the American Empire. 

The 2008 crash also shaped a political leader to represent USA.  But alas!  This leader too willy-nilly propelled the interests of the Empire like never before, resulting in an unprecedented degree of disparity between those associated with the Emperors and the rest in USA with $9 trillion more of public debt and $4 trillion of new money created by the Federal Reserve.   

The American Emperors have perhaps succeeded in continuing to remain physically propped by USA.  But this prop now is very flimsy at best as USA is crumbling due to perpetuation of unconstitutional robbery.  Printing new money to feed and to take care of health of the robbed USA amounts to nothing but sophisticated slavery, repugnant to inherently capitalistic humans.[7] 

Will a constitutional democratic USA (a) remain enslaved by the American Emperors or (b) succeed in dismantling the System of Unconstitutional Robbery/Slavery?  If Mr. Donald Trump's popularity is genuinely for his angst against "paper pushers" - the hedge fund keepers of Emperors' wealth -  and for representing the best interests of the enterprising Americans including himself, then, as an impartial observer, I see USA will succeed in jettisoning the current system of unconstitutional robbery/slavery.  But I had the same observation about the leader who emerged in 2008.  President Obama, you too talked against hedge funds in 2008. 

Mr. Donald Trump like you may not yet have grasped, though, that the too-big-to-fail banks operated by too-big-to-jail robber barons have established the current system of unconstitutional robbery and perpetuated it by sharing the loot with blind trusts of political, academic and media leaders who rise to brainwash everyone that this is the best system for USA. 

Mr. Trump does not need to be propped by blind trusts operated for him by TBTF and TBTJ bankers. Like many other enterprising millionaires and billionaires, Mr. Trump has been perhaps a victim of the TBTF-TBTJ shenanigans. 

Again, as an impartial observer, I see first-best status for both USA and American Emperors through my morel-hazard free first-best system of governance discovered since 1991.  This is the absolute knowledge on governance, as conveyed to you in a memo in January 2015[8]. This is the only viable umbilical cord among all humans including rulers, public servants, who have no constitutional privilege to run an unconstitutional system of robbery.         

With profound regards, 
Founder, Citizens for Development & Pro-Prosperity.Com
Director, Research Center on Finance and Governance

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