War, Prosperity and Civilized Co-existence of Humanity

Historically, wars have had three rational goals:
1. Defend against subjugation. USA is not being militarily threatened by any nation. USA does not need to war against other countries. It is one thing to teach Al Qaida a mortal lesson for bombing the World Trade Center. But invading country after country to destabilize nations is a myopic strategy for USA and costly for Americans with 94 million looking for employment, $20 trillion in government debt and $4.5 trillion in new money created by the Federal Reserve, 62 individuals holding more wealth than the bottom half, the top 1% having more wealth than the rest, families in food stamp and government aid increasing relentlessly, etc. Due to economic hardship wrought by wars, Americans are cursing their neo-con warriors for myopic and inefficient war and trade strategies.

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