Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy of Governance is the only (unique) basis for voting

What is UAPG?
1. The crux of UAPG is to not rob public or private wealth either for self-aggrandizement or distribution as doles to voters (needed for self-entrenchment in power), even surreptitiously.
2. UAPG is unanimously agreeable because even robbers do not prefer to be robbed.
3. Being unanimously agreeable, UAPG trumps democratic majority opinion.[1]
4. UAPG is fundamentally fair.
5. UAPG is not some idea, dogma or opinion of its author.
6. UAPG attains, rationally, in general equilibrium of a contemporary dynamic mathematical theoretic model of the economy in which net-worth maximizing banks, non-banks and households compete and the market prices securities fairly while a non-profit government minimizes its service to people.[2]

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