The FBI should Investigate Blackmailing of Enterprising Wealth Creators

Dear President Trump:

Why is the FBI not investigating the gargantuan blackmailing of enterprising wealth creators perpetrated by the so-called powerful lawmakers and allied Robber Barons?

The 2008 takeover of two privately chartered companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, was orchestrated by Robber Barons and their political allies through blackmailing of enterprising wealth creators (EWC) with a threat that unless the private equity of Fannie and Freddie and billion of additional taxpayer funds ('lent' by Treasury) were transferred to mega bank holding companies (via purchase of worthless MBS held by the MBHCs), the wealth and jobs of EWC be decimated. In 2008, the EWC lost 9 million good paying jobs and $13 trillion of their hard-wealth (these are underestimates), while the blackmailers became unseemly richer based on wealth.

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