Scientific Juggernaut of Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy of Governance Crushing Unscientific British System of Robbery

Hitler could not destroy BSR because he did not know it as his true enemy. Nuclear bombs and missiles could not
destroy the BSR that has captured the rulers wielding such weapons. Constitutional UAPG could, however, crush
unconstitutional BSR, that too, nonviolently. Constitutional UAPG is the most potent nonviolent Terror (juggernaut)
that is crushing everyone who stands on its path. Constitutional UAPG is Dharma, discovered in ancient India, 5000
years ago, when organized religions like Buddhism, Christianity and Islam did not exist. Painting Constitutional-
UAPG-Dharma as Radical Hindu Brahmin Terror, because of origin of the author or fundamental nature of his
discoveries, cannot repress it because it is a unique unifying bond among humans that transcends artificial divisions
of society based on organized religion, caste, race, nationality, professional association, or union. Evidence presented
in the paper shows that attempts to block Constitutional-UAPG-Dharma have been futile. Relentless propagation of
Constitutional-UAPG-Dharma is now melting away the Frankenstein (created by Unconstitutional-BSR-Adharma):
(a) BSR rules7 that continually decimate enterprising producers’ motivation (‘animal spirit’) for perseverance needed
for survival of humanity, (b) Islamic Pakistan (‘land of the pure’), epicenter of violent terrorism, designed to keep
Dharmic India repressed, and (c) social internecine caused by subsidies (funded by systemic robbery of enterprising
producers) to various groups based on religion, caste, race, profession, associations and unions.

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