Pursuit for Truth and Justice Can Beget Immeasurably Valuable Peace and Happiness of an Individual

Lincoln and Gandhi were right on all counts except that they did not know that prayer (scientific research) ought to
uncover elements of the Unknowable (God) to attain knowledge and wisdom.[1] Their wisdom and knowledge were,
therefore, restricted (as everyone else’s). For example, they did not attain knowledge that injustice and slavery could be
imposed on the vast majority by financial strategies of a few oppressors. It was, therefore, impossible for them to secure
justice through fair counter strategies needed to liberate for unprivileged common people for restitution and justice. My
recent writing pertinent to this point include: (i) How the constitutional democratic republic of the United States of
America has dissociated from the American Empire for liberty[2] and (ii) Why leaders have failed to liberate humanity.[3]
Mahatma Gandhi

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