Public Interest Litigation on Unanimously Agreeable Governance

The Plaintiff of this Public Interest Litigation (PIL) respectfully submits this PIL to the Honorable Supreme Court of the United States with a prayer to ensure that the government of We the People:
A. Promptly enacts Unanimously Agreeable Constitutional System of Governance (UACSG) of banks, bank regulatory institutions and financial markets in the United States and repeals the currently established Unanimously Disagreeable Unconstitutional System of Governance (UDUSG) enumerated in numerous memos and papers.
B. Appropriately and promptly compensates the sole UACSG author (the Plaintiff) – who has effectively, efficiently, persistently and successfully served the best interest of We the People - for the unwarranted loss of his income and career caused unconstitutionally and fundamentally unfairly by the advocates of currently established an ithetic Unanimously Disagreeabl Unconstitutional System of Governance (UDUSG).
C. Recognizes that such compensation is necessary and crucial to serve the best interest of We the People and is consistent with guarantees under whistleblower protection-compensation act.

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