March of We the People Towards Constitutional Capitalism

People want their hard-earned wealth preserved to fulfill their longing for freedom: 
1. The unanimous longing of people is freedom. Freedom camot be suppressed by any sort of indoctrication. People serve/struggle to earn and save/invest enough to eventually fulfill longing for freedom. The government of We the People should fulfill the unanimous (common) longing. 
2. When established rules of governance systemically nibble away investments, some investors all panic to salvage their decimated investments as they are frightened about the prospect of having freedom for which they worked very hard. 
3. Withdrawal of investments from business enterprises cripples the latter. As businesses are employment opportunity collapses. People remain unemployed and underemployed. People even stop searching for jobs, let alone contribute to economic growth. 
4. Even good paying jobs cannot motivate economically depressed people to produce their best keep losing their hard-earned investments. This is why trillions of dollars of new money printed the Federal Reserve and Trillions more borrowed by the US government did not raise the median income or wealth of Americans, while the rich got richer and the disparity of wealth rose above pre-Great Depression levels. 

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