Impeachment of President Trump is a Harbinger of Failure of Modern World Liberal Order

Dear President Trump: 

The real reason for your impeachment is brutal surreptitious undermining of mega corruption in the US economy, the Modern Liberal World Order,[1] as a result the following Unanimously Agreeable and Constitutional rules Governance:

 1. Pressure on Federal Reserve to cut interest rate to zero, from my widely circulated and unrefuted research on general equilibrium of the economy,[2] accentuated by your public demand for Fed to act on it.

 2. Potential regulatory clamp down on lending of public funds (taxpayer insured deposits and Fed’s printed funds) private hedge funds, surreptitiously by banks and broker-dealers, due to my 2016 research based on general equilibrium the economy, which proved that such funding is unconstitutional, unanimously disagreeable, economically inefficient, unstable and detrimental for civilized coexistence.[3] 

3. Potential regulatory demand on Mega Shorts (clearing house members and their privileged private hedge funds) their short positions in Treasuries and other securities, consistent with my published research on unconstitutionality economic inefficiency of short-selling by Mega Shorts with unfair privilege over market making and clearing

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