Fallacy of Keyensian Economic Philosophy

The Keynesian strategy is an element of the established system (rules of governance).  By this strategy, the government borrows and spends and the Fed prints oodles of money to revive private spending by households and businesses during periods of economic depression.

The truth about the Keynesian strategy: it is designed to cover up the established system of legalized robbery of the hard earned wealth of households and businesses.  Such systemic robbery deepens the inequality in incomes and wealth.  Inequality leads to economic depression, after some cycles of recession and Keynesian strategy.

When the governments and embedded economists propping the established system continue to deny the truth, a deep and lasting economic depression ensues to pave the way for a fair system of equal opportunities.  Only a fair system can maintain long-run stability (economic equilibrium) and recreate wealth based on skills and perseverance, as opposed to robbing of public and private wealth.

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