Dissociation of USA from American Empire

To: Honorable President Barack Obama
Cc: Everyone affected (please feel free to circulate)
Sub: Dissociation of USA from the American Empire 
Date: August 29, 2015

Dear President Obama,

By USA, I mean the constitutional, democratic republic of the United States of America.  By American Empire, I mean the robber barons and their political, academic and media allies who have governed USA by establishing a system (set of rules) to facilitate surreptitious usurpation of public and private wealth unconstitutionally.[1]  As an impartial observer, I have seen since 1991 - as a Federal Reserve economist through my comprehensive general equilibrium model[2] - that sustenance of the unconstitutional system of robbery through 'moral hazard' is impossible.  A moral hazard-prone system of governance is inefficient, unstable and fundamentally unfair for the vast majority of enterprising households comprising USA.  Proving the existence of moral hazard without having access to the secret trading data of the American Emperors - which is beyond the purview of even the Federal Reserve - was impossible for a nondescript Fed economist.  Now, of course, the Federal Reserve has admitted that moral hazard is a serious problem for the economy.[3]

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