Did God Help Obama's Victory

How did Mr. Barack Obama win the U.S. presidential election on November 4, 2008? 

According to some, a consummate honest politician with a calm demeanor, nonpareil education and knowledge like Mr. Obama could easily vanquish his political opponents. 
Others attribute Mr. Obama’s victory to President Bush’s failure and Senator John McCain’s misunderstanding that major policy changes were not needed to garner a majority support. 

Many say the election result is a positive verdict in favor of Mr. Obama who received 53% of the popular vote, not the outcome of negative perceptions about Mr. Bush. 
What is fascinating, though, is an observation by a well-known Democrat Ms. Maura Moynihan that some god played a role to cause a severe meltdown of the financial markets to scare the independent voters to switch over to Mr. Obama.[1] 

It is perhaps unanimously accepted by the pundits that Mr. Obama won because of the severe financial market meltdown.  In fact, Mr. John McCain had once derided Mr. Obama during the campaign by stating that the opinion polls would be reversed if the financial markets corrected before the election. 

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