Deception of Proposal to OVERHAUL Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Dear President Trump,

In a general equilibrium model of the economy, I found in April 2013 that Fannie and Freddie are necessary for stability, efficiency and fundamental fairness (constitutionality). Acceptability of this finding permeated to the investment community so credibly that Fannie and Freddie stocks rose from about 20 cents per share to $5.5 per share in just one month (May 2013) when large investors purchased nearly 300 million shares of the two company's stocks - this is an empirical ratification of the findings of the general equilibrium model.

This was after Obama Administration had decided (in August 2012) to sweep all Fannie-Freddie profits to eventually shut down Fannie and Freddie and after many Senators had publicized 'bipartisan draft bills' to eliminate Fannie and Freddie. 

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