Book Proposal Modern Gita Unanimously Agreeable & Constitutional Governance

Gita was scripted about 5000 years ago to spread Dharma. Dharma in Sanskrit means “to not usurp others’
wealth, even surreptitiously through rigged legalized rules” like the ancient Pashakhela. The King’s party
(Kauravas) in ancient India had legalized a rigged Pashakhela and speciously foisted it as a fair game on
enterprising producers (Pandavas) in order to usurp the latter’s wealth, surreptitiously. Ex ante, i.e., before
Pashakhela was made a rule of law, Pandavas had trusted King Dhritarastra and his anointed pundits to
presume mistakenly that the legalized Pashakhela would be fair. Pashakhela, however, made Pandavas lose
everything including their dignity. Everyone including the wisest Pandava (Yudhistir) accepted as fait
accompli the outcomes of the legalized game of Pashakhela. Only ex post, i.e., after observing consistently
lopsided outcomes of Pashakhela, did everyone suspect that the legalized game was indeed ex ante rigged
and surreptitiously foisted to loot the enterprising producers.

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