Absolute Knowledge on Governance

To: Honorable President Barack Obama and Honorable Prime Minister of India
Cc: Whosoever else it may concern.
Sub: Absolute knowledge on governance.
Date:January 18, 2015

Dear Prime Minister Modi and President Obama,

Your summit of January 26, 2015 should somberly recognize the precarious predicament facing mankind now: an astoundingly increasing degree of financial bondage (modern slavery) of the vast majority due to the established rules of law which allow a privileged few to usurp, surreptitiously, public and private wealth. 

A dominant ancient human discovery about knowledge, stated in Sanskrit as “Eka Brahma Dwitiya Nasti,” translates to “Absolute Knowledge is Unique.”  Absolute knowledge is an incontrovertible fact established by unanimous acceptance, like “2 is not equal to 3.”[1]
The existence of different political parties or multitude views within a party tells unambiguously that rulers believe in nonexistence of any absolute knowledge on how people want to be governed and presume they can make people embrace their views of governance. In other words, rulers bank on indoctrinating people to believe in nonexistence of any unanimously acceptable principle of governance.

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