A Three-Pronged Strategy to Thwart Terrorism

Honorable President of the USA
Honorable Prime Minister of India
Honorable President-elect of USA
Honorable Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Sub: A three-pronged strategy to thwart terrorism.

Political leaders face a challenge to adopt a three-pronged optimal strategy needed to thwart terrorism:

1.Propagate a unifying philosophy on how humanity should be governed: democratic capitalism for prosperity amid stability that every human pines for.[1] 

Existing religious scripts prescribe how humans should govern themselves.  The unifying philosophy is scripted as Universal Religion[2] that defines prayer as perseverance to uncover the truth through education and research about the set of unknown elements of the universe.  The set of unknown elements is defined as Universal God.  Universal Religion subsumes beliefs in every field like science, engineering, mathematics and religion.

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