A Less Costly Proposal to Save the Real Economy

Written to the U.S. Treasury Secretary and Senators

Sub: A Less Costly Proposal to Save the Real Economy

Dear Mr. Paulson,
It is very heartening that the government is flexible to enunciate new policies to save the real economy and the jobs. 
The real economy, fortunately, is not as bad as it is hooted by those unwilling or unable to produce globally competitive goods and services.  The non-producers are among the rich financials and the poor, as well as their media and political patrons.  The non-producing poor are demanding more handouts. The non-producing rich are pleading for ways to save, if not to enhance, their credits.  The highly endowed creditors pull down the markets to remain hedged (because they are short and long in comparable financial securities) before the government takes any action to enhance only their credits.  The income and saving of the real productive savers are 

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