Winning A War on Terrorism Nonviolently

September 8, 2006

Sankarshan Acharya
Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

Citizens for Development (CFD) wrote to President Bush a letter on March 29, 2006 about Universal Religion and God by highlighting how to win a war on terrorism nonviolently.  On April 10, 2006, President Bush denied that the U.S. would invade Iran.  But his war plan had earlier leaked out to the media.  After that denial, the U.S. joined the European Union for a diplomatic solution of the differences with Iran.  In the wake of receipt of CFD's letter, President Bush also visited Stanford University to encourage science and mathematics education. 

You are welcome to visit CFD's site at Pro-Prosperity.Com to explore why President Bush might have amended his martial thought process following our letter and why our site is rated number one based on searches for information on Universal Religion and God.

President Bush would not obviously change his strategy unless he found it optimal for the U.S. to do so. CFD has articulated an optimal strategy to contain terrorism, not only in the U.S., but also every where else. CFD has beseeched Mr. Bush to take the leadership that the entire world behooves of a president of the U.S. It is marvelous if CFD's proposed optimal strategy resonated enough in the White House for President Bush to alter his strategy. Even if the White House had independently conceived of the same non-martial strategy as CFD had proposed and announced the same after receiving our letter, we should congratulate the decision makers; CFD is at least satisfied for its premonition or prescience about the altered non-martial strategy of the president of the U.S.

CFD does not claim that a war with Iran is suboptimal for the U.S. or the world. But CFD believes that its philosophy of Universal Religion and God will obviate violent wars. The American troops may need to stay in Iraq till the philosophical war is won decisively. Wars, thereafter, may not be violent.  Competition will replace violence to gain knowledge, for example, on creating unlimited renewable energy for humans to survive on a naturally beautiful earth. 

The vast majority of households in American democracy must feel prosperous, however, to support and win a philosophical war. The economic paradigm currently embraced by we the humans ignores how our individual actions undercut common welfare and then undermine individual welfare.  The true net worth to be maximized by an individual should also include the negative effect stemming from, for example, riots due to a deterioration of net worth of the vast majority. Sustenance of prosperity amid social stability (sans riots) entreats us to fathom the adverse consequences on society of unfettered individual pursuits for enhancement of own net-worth.  Is it optimal for the wealthy to pay more taxes?

Universal Religion seems to be the only path to unification of humanity. Winning a war on terrorism nonviolently is necessary for prosperity and stability of humanity. A rational economic model is vital to balance social stability with individual prosperity.

With best regards,

Sankarshan Acharya     

Founder, Citizens for Development and Pro-Prosperity.Com

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