Why ancient and modern leaders have failed to liberate humanity?

Sankarshan Acharya
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

December 6, 2014. Revised October 27, 2015

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George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi have been adorned as modern liberators of humanity from subjugation, slavery, economic ruin and colonization.  Likewise, in ancient times, Krishna established Dharma scripted as the thrust of Gita - to not usurp others' wealth even surreptitiously - for liberty and civilized co-existence of humans.  These leaders were rightly hailed as selfless liberators during their times.  

The current badly imperiled economies worldwide – marked by a small fringe getting ultra rich while most enterprising individuals toil for survival with the degree of inequality peaking unsustainably - show, however, that these leaders have actually failed to deliver sustainable long-run freedom for humanity.  Why?  They failed to see, let alone devise, a dynamic system of governance for We the People to remain eternally capable of thwarting any improvised strategy of subjugation in future.

Selflessness and personal independence are two vitally necessary attributes for success of a leader in his pursuit for liberation of people.  Krishna was independent with the power of quoits, that only he possessed during his time, which he used for self defense.  He dethroned and destroyed evil forces including even his own relatives who, as kings, were subjugating their subjects.  Krishna even destroyed his dynasty before his death, lest his posterity would misuse dynastic lineage for self-aggrandizement and subjugation of people. 

Krishna's successful crusade against subjugators endeared him to one and all during his time.  Kings after Krishna's death, however, misused his popularity to deform his legacy of not usurping others' wealth even surreptitiously. The King of Puri in Odisha, for example, claimed that he dreamt of Krishna’s soul floating in the ocean that he fetched to establish temples for the soul of Krishna called Lord Jagannath (lord of the universe). The Puri king created vast endowments for these temples by surreptitiously usurping thousands of acres of private farmland by orchestrating a belief among people that giving away accumulated wealth to the temples would beget salvation. The king enjoyed the control over the surreptitiously robbed wealth of farmers to rule people so deprived.  The legacy of Krishna, a truly selfless liberator, thus evenesced forever due to selfish monarchs' improvised strategies to take away hard-earned private wealth to subjugate the deprived people by indoctrinating the latter to worship the soul of Krishna for salvation. 

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt too sacrificed enormously to establish freedom of people. But they too failed to see how subsequent subjugators (e.g. 13 Robber barons) would improvise their strategy to ally with democratically elected representatives to pass laws for robbery of private wealth, like selling financial securities the robbers did not own to force security holders to sell at losses.   The leaders failed to see how such robbery could financially ruin people and how the robbers could blackmail elected representatives to pass laws (e.g., the Federal Reserve Act of 1913) to protect the robbers and then to legalize subjugation through yet new laws (e.g., Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 and Dodd-Frank Act of 2010).  The leaders simply failed to see that they helped prop a government for the strongest.  

Barack Obama vowed in 2008 to emulate Lincoln to reform the system of robbery.  But, Lincoln could not see how the system (rules) of governance were continually improvised for subjugation of people right since independence in 1776. How could then someone following the footsteps of Lincoln fathom, let alone outmaneuver, the agility of the gurus running the established system of robbery? Perpetuation of this system proves that gurus have tranformed, coopted or hoodwinked many a star leaders.  Just to prove the point, President Obama followed a deeply fallacious Keynesian Philosophy for the US to print approximately $13.5 trillion of new money during 2008-2015 that enriched only the guardians of this system with the disparity of wealth growing menacingly and unprecedentedly steeper.  President Obama subscribed to the same system of “trickle down economics” that he had despised during his campaign.  He used the same band of economic advisers whose failure according to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission caused the 2008 financial catastrophe.  He allowed concentration of wealth as opposed to distribution that he wanted to achieve during his tenure.  This is due to inability or unwillingness to fathom that all the preceding selfless leaders of humanity had failed to see the agility of the gurus of the system of subjugation to co-opt all such leaders.  President Obama has thus become a ‘used car’ in his own words.  The irony is that any new car will also be used up or consumed by the system of subjugation. 

Very few modern humans can claim to be as selfless as Mahatma Gandhi.  But he too failed to fathom the system of subjugation.  Just when he saw ultimate success of his nonviolent movement to liberate India from foreign rule, he observed, shockingly, nuclear bombing of mankind.  The apostle of nonviolence advised independent movement leaders that India should devise the violent weapon because the hard fought independence could not be sustained otherwise.  Mahatma Gandhi must have been forced to accept pro-British Jawaharlal Nehru as prime minister of India by jettisoning his alter ego, Sardar Patel, who was overwhelmingly elected as the leader of the Congress Party.  Mahatma Gandhi’s liberation movement was financially dependent on the same group of people that had propped the British Raj in India.  Mahatma Gandhi must have been confused about overthrowing the British as independence of Indians.  He must have assumed as fatuously as the American founding fathers that overthrow of colonial masters leads to freedom of people.

All the selfless leaders of humanity have so far failed to see, let alone devise a dynamic system for We the People to remain eternally capable of thwarting any improved strategy of subjugation in future.

We the People are effectively demanding incorporation of the following foremost preamble in the constitution and consistent amendments of the rest of the constitution to establish Constitutional Raj Dharma in governance for regaining their economic freedom:

The foremost preamble of a Dynamic Constitution
For First-best Efficient Governance
or Constitutional Raj Dharma

We the people declare solemnly to (i) pass only those rules of governance which are equally applicable to all, which do not, even surreptitiously, facilitate usurpation of public wealth or any individual’s private wealth including real and financial assets and the opportunity to acquire such assets, life, liberty and pursuit for happiness, (ii) to elect our political representatives who use only funds released from the public exchequer by a transparent formula set by the election commission and not deploy (directly or indirectly through allies) any private funds for anything related to their elections, and (iii) to ensure that no other preamble or article of constitution or law passed by Parliament or government executives will ever transgress this foremost preamble.

No constitution in the world now has such foremost preamble.  This is why special interest groups worldwide have been able to craft unconstitutional rules of law to usurp public and private wealth rampantly, leading to undemocratic, inefficient and unstable societies. 

The only way to economic renaissance is to adopt Constitutional Raj Dharma as the foremost constitutional preamble stated above. The recent polls worldwide express unmistaken volition of people everywhere to replace the established system of subjugation with Constitutional Raj Dharma.

Constitutional Raj Dharma is the only way to establish unity among people.  For instance, consider the two nuclear rivals, the neighboring India and Pakistan.  Pakistan wants to take over whole of the state of Jammu and Kashmir because the majority of this state follows Islam and Pakistan was carved out of British India as a Muslim nation.  If Indians formally adopt Constitutional Raj Dharma, the Pakistanis will follow suit for survival.  Pakistanis will not look backward because US, EU and China too will be forced by competition to move towards Constitutional Raj Dharma. Once Indians and Pakistanis amend their constitutions to mandate Constitutional Raj Dharma, their respective establishments cannot perpetuate their current rules by dividing humanity (a third of which lives in the Indian subcontinent) based on religion, caste, creed, language, political affiliation or geographical identity.
Constitutional Raj Dharma is the only path towards unified global governance for peace and long-run survival of humanity because it can neutralize (a) inefficient warfare among nations, (b) the current rules of governance that deepen the unsustainable, inefficient and undemocratic inequality among people in every nation, and (c) infighting among people designed by and for a few political, industrial, academic, religious, caste and linguistic leaders.