US Election Verdict of 2016 is an Unambiguous Triumph of
Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy of Governance

Sankarshan Acharya[1]
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

January 14, 2017

To:      Honorable President-Elect Donald J Trump, President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of Rastriya Swayam Sevak Sangh

Date:   January 14, 2017

Sub:     US Election Verdict of 2016 is an Unambiguous Triumph of Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy of Governance.[1]

How did Mr. Donald Trump win the 2016 race for president of USA despite the following odds?

  • An overwhelming majority of media-academic pundits were in favor of Mrs. Clinton till the election-day.
  • All thus-far infallible pollsters had forecast a Clinton win.
  • Mr. Trump himself had doubted his win before the election.
  • US Speaker Mr. Paul Ryan – top most leader of GOP – publicly withdrew his support of Mr. Trump due to revelation of the latter’s past ‘locker room talks.’
  • Even the Russian hackers, being credited by Democrats with Mr. Trump’s win, had lost all hope before the poll verdict that Mr. Trump would win.

Did ‘god’ help Mr. Trump win?[2] 

Yes, if ‘god’ is defined rationally as the collective will of enterprising wealth creators.[3]

Enterprising wealth creators prop everyone else including rulers, anointed pundits of systemic robbery and their vote banks that indolently depend like parasites on the established system (rules of law and executive policies) of robbery. 

The indolent live just like parasites drawing subsidies, quotas and privileges via an established system (rules and policies) designed to facilitate surreptitious, if not overt, legalized usurpation of the wealth created by the enterprising.  

The rulers have succeeded in continuing such systemic robbery because indolent vote banks have foolishly believed in perpetuity of subsidies and privileges stemming eternally from systemic financial evisceration of enterprising wealth creators.  The 2008 financial catastrophe bared this foolishness. 

Many enterprising wealth creators were knocked down in 2008 by mega systemic robbers allied with their political patrons.  When the enterprising wealth creators panicked, they shut down their enterprises or moved overseas to salvage profits and savings for survival.  This killed millions of good paying jobs. 

To hide the fallacy of their established system, rulers then printed enormous sums of money (16 trillion dollars since 2008) to feed the same indolent, while the robbed enterprising wealth creators (i) slowed down, and/or (ii) overused lethal drugs and substances and perished prematurely and/or (iii) arose to revolt against the established system.  I have written extensively about it at 

When I read a story in the New York Times in 2016 that Mr. Trump’s desire to run for US President was born in 2013 in Albany, NY, I was reasonably certain about the browser of my writings downloaded from Albany and Manhattan.  I was as seriously curious about the massive downloads during 2013-2016 as I was when such downloads occurred in Middle East before the Arab Spring. 

After Mr. Trump entered the race with a message consistent with the thrust of my writings, I wrote to him.  I also published memos, entitled, “Established Ethos of Systemic Robbery Versus Antithetic Unanimously Agreeable Philosophy in US General Election,”[4] and on the necessity to defeat candidates propped by systemic robbers.[5]

That the enterprising wealth creators are necessary for survival of humanity should be unanimously agreeable. 

The unique unanimously agreeable, rational, efficient, stable, constitutional and fundamentally fair philosophy of governance that can guarantee survival of enterprising wealth creators as well as humanity is “to not usurp (systemically or otherwise) private or public wealth even surreptitiously.”  My “fundamental fairness” is a unanimously agreeable principle to not usurp public or private wealth, even surreptitiously. 

As the sole author of the unanimously agreeable philosophy of governance – not dogmatized as my opinion but obtained in a general equilibrium model of math-econ – I had to propagate my message on time to level the playing field in the US general election, particularly during the days before the US vote that the established academic-media punditry could not fathom would render a verdict in favor of Mr. Trump:

When Mr. Paul Ryan publicly withdrew his support from Mr. Trump in response to the latter’s past ‘locker room talks’ exposed by the media, I promptly wrote a memo.  In that memo, I described how such locker room talks would not have taken any life.  More importantly, I emphasized how 100’s of 1000’s of lives of enterprising wealth creators have been lost by overuse of drugs and suicide due to systemic robbery of their wealth by the shenanigans of Robber Barons, associated elite pundits of systemic robbery and allied politicians.  There were many logs thereafter into from Wisconsin (the birthplace of GOP).  Mr. Paul Ryan then reiterated his support for Mr. Trump with a criticism of the elite.  I am almost certain that Mr. Reince Priebus, GOP President to serve the Trump Administration as Chief of Staff, played a crucial role in reconciliation between GOP leaders and Mr. Trump based on my memo, leading to mass mobilization of grass-root Republicans.

  • I had appraised Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, President of Rastriya Swyam Sevak Sangh (champions of Hindutva) that my unanimously agreeable philosophy of governance was akin to the ethos of Gita – which is considered by Indian courts as a philosophical document and which is the essence of Hindutva – and about how Mr. Trump was tacitly following this philosophy as a referendum against the established US system.  Most American Hindus have traditionally been Democrats, but they changed in 2016 with “Esbar Trump Sarkar” slogan to vote for Mr. Trump.    
  • Even maverick Democrats who got my message changed their opinion for Mr. Trump and perhaps felt that his politically incorrect talk is less dangerous than the destruction of enterprising wealth creators under the established regime.

Decimation of enterprising wealth creators would lead to proliferation of indolent humans who would ultimately perish (like dinosaurs) after they have nothing more left to live on.  Subsidies, quotas, reservations and privileges should stop for the human race to survive.  Those who want to support the indolent should be free to do so by expending their hard-earned wealth.  But no one should foist rules and policies for systemic robbery of enterprising wealth creators to support and foster indolence since survival of humanity is the unanimously agreeable goal.    

With best regards,

Dr. Sankarshan Acharya[6]
Founder, Citizens for Development and Pro-Prosperity.Com
Director, Research Center on Finance and Governance