A Three-pronged Strategy to Thwart Terrorism

November 27, 2008

Sankarshan Acharya
Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

November 27, 2008

Honorable President of the USA

Honorable Prime Minister of India

Honorable President-elect of USA

Honorable Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Sub: A three-pronged strategy to thwart terrorism.

Political leaders face a challenge to adopt a three-pronged optimal strategy needed to thwart terrorism:

1.      Propagate a unifying philosophy on how humanity should be governed: democratic capitalism for prosperity amid stability that every human pines for.[1] 

Existing religious scripts prescribe how humans should govern themselves.  The unifying philosophy is scripted as Universal Religion[2] that defines prayer as perseverance to uncover the truth through education and research about the set of unknown elements of the universe.  The set of unknown elements is defined as Universal GodUniversal Religion subsumes beliefs in every field like science, engineering, mathematics and religion.

Existing religious paths do not unify humanity and do not beget prosperity amid stability that every human inherently embraces.  Preaching that some existing religion is superior to others is thus specious.  So is indoctrinating humans at young age, when they cannot reason rationally. 

2.      Create equal opportunity for all to prosper based on perseverance and skills, by repealing all lopsided rules of governance that enrich a few by penalizing the vast majority.

Equality of every vote via democracy is insufficient to bestow a sense of fairness and equity, when lopsided rules beget prosperity for a few by penalizing the vast majority.  Transparently fair rules are vital to induce perseverance and to thwart lethargy, in order to enhance competitiveness and efficiency in production and service.  Only transparently fair rules of governance can thwart violence and lethargy that grow out of resentment due to unjust and unfair laws and practices.       

3.      Stamp out the violent elements that are unwilling to persevere for prosperity amid stability even under fair and just rules of governance.  Prevalence and propagation of fair and just rules will obviate mass support for religious and political instigators of violence.

With profound regards,

Sankarshan Acharya

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