Selected Research on Prosperity amid Stability

Dr. Sankarshan Acharya

Economic Philosophy and Prosperity

Governance Needed to Attain the Most Efficiently Competitive Economy

An Economic Theory of Constitutional Governance

A Unifying Philosophy of Governance

Optimal Governance for Prosperity amid Stability:

A New Economic Philosophy for Democratic Capitalism

Public Ratings

Novel Methodology for Bond Rating

Banking and Financial Market Stability

Coalition of Borrowers, Government-Regulated Lender,
Interest Rate and Safe Central Bank in Equilibrium

Constitutional System of Money and Finance

Bank Foreclosure Rule (Acharya-Dreyfus-1989)

Safe Banking

A Bank's Internal Incentive Compatible Loan Loss Model

Safe Banking to Avoid Moral Hazard

World Press Appreciates Importance of Safe Banking

Safe Banking - An excellent, early, thought leader's view

Valuation of Latent Risk and Banks' Decision to Hedge Using Derivatives

Optimal Holding Company Reorganization and Capital Structure Under Constitutional Governance

Lending Federal Funds and Insured Deposits is Sub-optimal for Taxpayers

Exchange Rate Stability

Optimal Exchange Rate Beyond Purchase Power Parity

Democracy and Governance

Sub-Optimality of Short Selling

Utility of Wealth, Policy and Democracy

Optimal CEO Compensation in Best National Interest

Role of Market on Human Welfare

Efficient Resolution of Moral Hazard Due to Arbitrage: Risk Premium, Volatility and Leverage

Top 1000 Authors in Finance