Using fundamental principles of economics, the book, "Prosperity" derives socially optimal policies.Such policies are necessary for long-run prosperity of the absolute majority. Being updated as of April 28, 2013.

Policies recommended to Results that followed
U.S. President, January 31, 2005:
Define national economic goal  Pending.
Restrict short-selling of financial securities Pending.
Conserve energy Energy bill passed, but stringent measures are needed .
Contain borrowing Federal Reserve research on national saving (March 05).
Safe Central Banking Federal Reserve actively moving towards being a Safe Central Bank, but has no Congressional mandate to cut the long-term interest rate without printing money.
Measure household net worth Pending
U.S. Congress, August 2003:
Safe central banking Federal Reserve testified on safe banking before Congress.  Chicago FRB conducted a conference on safe banking.  But serious problems are facing the mega mortgage banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
U.S. Congress, March 1, 2005:
Restrict short-selling of financial securities Pending. But the U.S. Congress passed a resolution on April 26, 2005 to praise the contribution of graduates of Indian Institutes of Technology to U.S. prosperity.

It seems the Security and Exchange Commission has been forced now to sue hedge funds for violating their clients' trusts, according to news reports published on November 13, 2006. This news report does not make it clear, though, if the SEC is suing for the same kind of violation of clients' trust as the "breech of trust" between hedge fund principals (hedge funds floated by brokerages and mutual fund company principals) and their clients (brokerages' clients and mutual fund investors) that was raised in the letter to U.S. Congress, dated March 1, 2005.

Prime Minister of India (2001-2005):
Reform system of governance Partial reforms done in 2005.  New committee formed.
Maintain social stability Little progress in uniform civil codes or development.
Enhance competition in banking Reserve Bank of India does not seem to bother.
Make Reserve Bank of India independent Government still controls RBI.
Measure household net worth Pending.
Contain borrowing Government appears helpless.
Reform job quotas Government has introduced new land quotas and job guarantees.
Reform mineral policy No one seems to care.
Chinese Government, August 14, 2003:
Revalue yuan to bring social and banking stability. China vested new power on Bank Regulatory Authority on August 25, 2003 to monitor non-performing bank loans.
Infused $45 billion in to banking sector in December 2003 and another $25 billion subsequently to recapitalize state banks.
Revalued yuan 2% in July 2005.
Government appears helpless about brewing latent social instability due to the gap between haves and have-nots.

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