To:       Honorable President Barack Obama

Sub:     Origin and Triumph of the Philosophy of Modern Constitution
Date:   February 14, 2014

Dear President Obama,

Annexed here is a memo, circulated among Indian political leaders, about the origin and triumph of the philosophy of modern constitution, scripted by the American founding fathers. 

The memo illustrates how the elite academy-which is running to host your presidency’s memorial library-paints irrational discourse as scholarship designed to assassinate the character of the original author (Krishna) of fundamental fairness. 

This memo should be pertinent to a professor of constitution who, as president of USA, is struggling to restore fundamental fairness under the modern constitution.       

With profound regards,     

Founder, Citizens for Development & Pro-Prosperity.Com


To:       Honorable President of India

Cc:       Prime Minister, Supreme Court, Leaders of Opposition,
Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Mr. Rahul Gandhi,
Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Mr. Anna Hazare, Mr. Shekhar Gupta, Ms. Burkha Dutt,
All other concerned Indians receiving this via circulation

Date:   February 12, 2014

Sub:     University of Chicago history professor Wendy Doniger’s depiction of Lord Krishna (Penguin Books) as an amoral sexual character reflects utter failure of an elite academy to refute rationally that fundamental-constitutional fairness (scripted as Dharma in Gita) is singularly akin to attaining first-best efficient governance for economic efficiency and stability within a contemporary mathematical general equilibrium model of the economy.   

University of Chicago history professor Wendy Doniger depicts Krishna as an immoral sexual character on the front cover of her book (published by Penguin Books), now banned in India.  The depiction amounts to assassination of a character (Krishna) who has scripted a philosophy of fundamental fairness, namely, no one should be allowed to usurp (i.e., rob) others’ wealth even surreptitiously.  This philosophy of fundamental fairness is universally acceptable.  This is why Krishna and his Gita are being revered.  The Indian courts have lately proclaimed Gita as a philosophical document. This fundamental principle of fairness is the essence of the modern constitution scripted by the founding fathers of America and adopted by all major democracies including India. 

An irrational discourse of ancient human history is not scholarship

  • Latest research based on extensive DNA mapping of people around the world shows that after popping in east Africa, humans migrated to India.  The most significant truth established in this research is that India is the only nation that has all human forms (e.g.., Caucasian, Mongoloid) spread around the world. 
  • Humans must have cultured and struggled for survival against onslaught of violent animals and devilish co-species before emigrating worldwide from India. 
  • The struggle for survival and coexistence must have led to discoveries of various systems of governance (called religion). India is, therefore, known as the cradle of humanity with most forms of religious beliefs.[1] 
  • The idea of organized religion must have emigrated from India to give rise to new religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam.[2]
  • One can rationally infer that ancient humans found procreation as necessary for survival of their species.  This must be why sex symbols are abundant in ancient scripture and sculpture. 
  • The philosophy of fundamental fairness presented as Dharma in Gita is vital for human coexistence even now.  This philosophy has become the thrust of modern constitution because it is unanimously acceptable by all human souls (even robbers do not want to be robbed).  Since a unanimously acceptable philosophy touches all souls, it is the “soul of all souls” or Paramatma or epistemic truth compatible with everyone’s conscience.   
  • Depiction of Krishna, who gave humans such profound unanimously acceptable wisdom, as an immoral sexual creature (Hindu god) defies the idea of scholarship based on rationality.

Strategy of Losers: Assassinate the character that inflicts losses on them

Robbers follow a well-known strategy of assassinating a character who is very successful in blocking robbery, philosophically or otherwise. The established paradigm of governance (a form of religion) founded by the elite academy of economics and finance has been spearheaded by the University of Chicago.  This paradigm is based on mythology (science of lies).[3]  It crashed publicly in 2008.  The U.S. Congress has blamed the authors of this paradigm (established experts in the elite academy) and their disciples for causing the manmade (avoidable) crash of the system, which has hobbled the economy and wiped out millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of wealth.  This crash empirically validates the theoretical findings of research on first-best efficient governance (Constitutional Raj Dharma) mimeographed since 1991[4] that the now-failed established system is:

  • Unstable and inefficient. 
  • Fundamentally unfair (irrational).
  • Not acceptable unanimously.
  • Designed to bestow privilege, power and wealth on a few guardians of the system by usurping (robbing) the produce and service of principals (citizens) of a society.
  • Subjecting the principals (citizens) to second-best sustenance. 

The elite academy has actually failed to offer any alternative system of governance which is stable, efficient and fundamentally fair.  The elite academy has also failed to refute that an alternative system (rules) of governance exits.  The alternative system discovered in a general equilibrium model is:

  • First-best efficient, which means it begets first-best status for principals (citizens) of a society who persevere to produce and serve.[5] 
  • Economically stable and efficient.
  • Fundamentally fair, obviating privilege for anyone.
  • Unanimously acceptable.

One can call the first-best efficient system of governance Constitutional Raj Dharma (CRJ) because of its following attributes: 

  • CRJ attains fundamental fairness (rationality) mandated by the modern constitution. 
  • Fundamental fairness is akin to the ancient Indian ethos, the thrust of Gita of Krishna. 
  • CRJ is epistemic truth, which means it is unanimously acceptable.
  • CRJ has been discovered in the most general math-econ model of general equilibrium, ever scripted in the literature, and is irrefutably robust.[6]
  • No one including the elite academy has proved that CRJ could cause instability, inefficiency or fundamental unfairness.        

The elite academy has lost its game:

  • The elite academy uses narrow math-econ models to claim that no alternative system like CRJ exists.  These claims have been proven to be false within the most general math-econ model developed since 1991.  The narrow models are subsumed within the general equilibrium model.
  • Using its false claims, the elite academy has established and promoted the now-failed second-best system of governance.  The established system is designed to bestow first-best privilege, power and wealth on a few (including rulers) by subjugating the vast majority of principals to second-best economic sustenance.
  • The elite academy has furiously suppressed the truths discovered by research on the alternative first-best efficient governance and (using its power in the academy and industry) destroyed the career of the author since he first mimeographed it in 1991 as a financial economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. The academy has, however, failed to refute these truths because it could not concoct a more general model to paint as false the truths discovered in research or to find errors in theorems and proofs on first-best efficient governance. 
  • Top journals established and controlled by the stalwarts in the elite academy have published many of my papers.  They have, however, returned my CRJ papers without any review.  This shows that they have been frightened to admit that the system of money and finance they established and promoted so far is unstable, inefficient and unconstitutional.  The publishers, controlled by wealth looted through the established system of legalized robbery, have so far been swayed by the colluding academic stalwarts and robbers. 
  • The elite academy must be now in tatters, intellectually.  My CRJ paper, “Constitutional System of Money and Finance,” has been published in 2013 in the Journal of Financial Intermediation, which claims to have 18 Nobel Laureates as its authors and top experts from the elite academy and financial industry as its editors.[7]
  • The elite academy and ultra powerful cohorts must have now lost its battle against an Aam Admi from a poor Indian village.  They have also lost their influence over government policies in the U.S., Europe and Japan. The situation has been so reversed now that a former Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, laments lately about politicians setting policies based on blog-sites (without naming which is privately and discreetly visited by the bigwigs). Hank Paulson was Goldman Sachs CEO.  He served as financial Czar of the Bush Administration with enormous power to have financial bazookas (authorized by the US Congress) in his pocket to blow when needed to subdue financial companies he did not like.  He is an alumnus and currently a professor of the University of Chicago.


The ancient Indian philosophy (akin to CRJ within a contemporary economic model) has triumphed, intellectually and practically in the real world.  Now, no one can stop worldwide spread of CRJ.  All attempts to dig dirt to paint CRJ author’s character have failed.  My Bhanjanagar Farmhouse has been raided.  My writings have been checked for plagiarism. My computer was hacked by (as per data I have recorded) the proponents of the now-failed system of governance including the Cambridge University in early 2009.  The hackers had set a rule in my email server to delete all my email correspondence with publishers including the Cambridge University Press whose editor had accepted but whose administrator had rejected to publish my book in 2003. 

The stalwarts of the elite academy tried in vain to paint the 2008 financial catastrophe as an act of god (that no one saw coming) through a book authored by a Yale Professor and published by the Oxford University Press.  They failed to define god rationally.[8]  The U.S. Congress rejected the theory of god causing a crash of a human-designed economic system in 2011, consistent with my prior communication on an impending financial meltdown and on policy proposals to preemptively avert the crisis.

The elite academy has struggled to paint my model as driven by esoteric philosophy. But they have failed to do so.  It is because I have transparently shaped within a general equilibrium math-econ model, “Constitutional Capitalism for first-best efficient governance obtained in general equilibrium based on rational microeconomic analysis, devoid of parochial dogmas, politics or prejudice,”[9] and proved that the existing narrow economic models are driven by biased dogmas to bestow privilege, power and wealth on a few by subjugating the vast majority to second-best sustenance. Honestly, my journey may be more thrilling than super Bollywood movies. 

Krishna is not physically present to defend assassination of his character.  I wish, however, that Penguin Books pursued its legal fight-rather than surrender in an out of court settlement-to prove scholarship based on rationality in Professor Wendy’s book with no ulterior intention to assassinate the character (Krishna) whose philosophy is vital for human coexistence and survival and holds good in general equilibrium within a modern math-econ model of the economy for stability, efficiency and fundamental fairness. Note the remarkable coincidence of dates:

  • A book authored by a Yale professor (Gary Gorton) on god causing the economic catastrophe published by the Oxford University Press came out almost when the economy crashed. 
  • The elite experts used Gorton’s book to paint the crisis as an act of god without even defining god rationally in their testimonies before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission hearings in 2010.
  • A top investment bank contacted me in March 2010 to serve as its expert to testify before the US Congress, regulatory bodies and courts. It offered me whatever I asked as compensation.  I then questioned why the bank was not approaching elite experts and withdrew by telling that the only thing of value to the bank was a surrender of my integrity by testifying that truths discovered in my research and communicated to the US Congress were indeed false.
  • The U.S. government indicted and fined Goldman Sachs $500 million in April 2010 on the same sort of issues raised by my research.  Major U.S. banks have since then paid billions of dollars in fines for fraud and are still on the hook for potentially criminal acts. 
  • The FCIC wrapped its investigation very fast to conclude in a report released in January 2011 that the 2008 crisis was manmade and caused by failure of the elite experts and their disciples heading the financial industry and government regulatory bodies.
  • Penguin Books published a book in 2011 to denigrate Krishna (the author of the ancient human philosophy akin to CRJ) as an amoral character driven by sex.
  • Incidentally, the foundation of the now-failed established economic paradigm was laid in a book authored by Adam Smith in 1776, the year of independence of USA.  The U.S. became a capitalist economy based on this book, which Professor Gary Gorton of Yale reinforced in his book on slap of invisible hands published by the Oxford University Press almost at the same time as the U.S. economy plunged into a crisis.  The “invisible hand” has been transparently visible to the author of CRJ and this was known to the established experts since 1991.  I am still alive to tell the truth.          

With best regards,
Founder, Citizens for Development and Pro-Prosperity.Com

[1] Acharya, S. (2012), “A Unifying Philosophy of Governance [Universal Religion and God],” Journal of Governance and Regulation,

[2] Acharya, S. (2012), “Triumph of Ancient Indian Philosophy and Modern Constitution,”