Sacrifice and Love

November 22, 2008

Sankarshan Acharya
Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

Sacrifice of dearest things (e.g., life and property) is the only credible measure of true love for humanity.

1. Why is a gift or charity an act of love?  It is because the gift/charity giver sacrifices a part of own saving, which is dear or hard to come by.

2. Why is commiserating with the relegated, downtrodden and deprived individuals an act of love?  It is because of the sacrifice of dear time and comfort from the limited life span of the commiserating individual.

3. Why raising voice against unethical, immoral and law-breaking leaders an act of love for humanity?  It is because of the tremendous risk (sacrifice) to one's dear life and property due to vindictive retribution by such leaders and associated criminals.

Any expectation of returns, like self-aggrandizement or self-entrenchment in power, from publicity of such acts of sacrifice completely negates the love for humanity.  Publicity of acts of sacrifice to beget speedier justice to humanity - without any self-aggrandizement or self-entrenchment motive - reinforces, however, the love for humanity.

President Abraham Lincoln made immense sacrifice to abolish slavery in USA. America was then growing rich due to farming helped by slave labor. Changing the system was costly to USA. Abolition of slavery ultimately resulted in a profound sacrifice of the life of Lincoln. But the nation Lincoln bequeathed to humanity became nonpareil for pursuit of individual prosperity through equal opportunity and justice. Talented people from all over the world emigrated to USA to make the nation of Lincoln the most prosperous and powerful on earth.

Let's judge the true love for a country like India - based on acts, not talks - of some of our leaders.

Mahatma Gandhi collected funds for survival of his Ashram, but it was not for self-aggrandizement or self-entrenchment in power.  He rather sacrificed his comforts through abstinence.  He commiserated with the downtrodden and raised voices against injustice to humanity.  He risked his life due to jailing by colonials.  He sought publicity only to beget speedier justice to humanity.  He has thus delivered true love to humanity, at least the one-sixth in India.

Pandit Nehru sacrificed some of his parental savings.  He too risked his life like other freedom fighters due to jailing.  But he was very steeped in self-entrenchment in power and designed many schemes to control masses.  These acts have negated his true love for India.

Lal Bahadur Shastri had many attributes of Mahatma Gandhi and proved his true love for India during his brief tenure.  There are a few serious acts of sacrifice of other leaders to make judgments about their true love for India.  But our leaders who are hankering after aggrandizement and entrenchment of kith, kin and cronies (often illegitimately) do not have any true love for the one-sixth of humanity in India.  In fact, their collective actions have weakened India, jeopardized national security and integrity, and hampered prosperity.   

Risking life and property to beget justice to humanity is obviously the most serious gauge of love for humanity.  But sacrifice should be rendered in such a way that justice is accomplished efficiently.  Confronting with gun-toting criminals to banish the laws of jungle will only result in loss of one's life.  This is highly inefficient  

Efficient use of one's resources (life and property) is crucial to elevate the value or degree of true love.  It is the bang to buck ratio that one has to keep in mind before committing suicide in a criminal raj.