Response to American Economic Association President

Dr. Sankarshan Acharya
Founder, Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development Sankarshan Acharya  
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Subject: [AEA] AEA Member Survey on Professional Climate
To: AEA President Professor Oliver Blanchard
Cc: President of the United States & Prime Minister of India

Dear Professor Blanchard:  

Thank you for asking me to participate in the AEA survey.  

I do not want to be counted as a blind nondescript statistic.  

May I, therefore, convey my research-based view of the professional leaders starting with Adam Smith who are anointed to control the field of economics.  

The field of economics is deliberately founded on and its leaders steadfastly support the current unconstitutional, unanimously disagreeable and irrational system of robbery of enterprising producers and wealth creators.  

The professional leaders of economics are surreptitiously anointed by the systemic robbers through financial lure and blackmailing.  That this system is dangerous and unsustainable has been discovered in my research since 1990.  That the leaders manning this system have deliberately blocked publicity of this research in the media they control was obvious to me since 1991.  That this system would bust was absolutely clear to me by 2003.  I have promptly reported this clarity to US Congress since 2003 with follow up memos to presidents and congressional leaders.  

This current system of robbery actually went haywire in 2008 (for exactly the same causes as found and reported in my research and the Congress had to adopt some of the same constitutional and unanimously agreeable policies as I had preemptively conveyed to stem the domino of crashing markets in 2008) baring to public how the robber barons and their anointed professional leaders in economics have been blackmailing enterprising wealth creators and how this system is now a Frankenstein for the economy.


Dr. Sankarshan Acharya
Director, Academy of Rational Philosophy for Unanimously Agreeable & Constitutional Governance

AEA Member Survey on Professional Climate

November 12, 2018

To: Members of the American Economic Association (current and former)
From: Olivier Blanchard, President
Subject: AEA Member Survey on Professional Climate

This e-mail is to inform you that, starting on November 14, NORC at the University of Chicago will be contacting you to complete an important survey sponsored by the AEA.

In April 2018, the AEA Executive Committee voted to establish a standing Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Professional Conduct. One of the recommendations of that committee was for the AEA to assess the professional climate in economics, and particularly aspects that limit inclusiveness, demean and/or harass individuals, or otherwise engender incivility in work environments. Understanding the prevalence of these issues is of great importance in improving our profession, and I hope that you will support the Association in this effort.

As a part of this work, NORC at the University of Chicago has designed and will administer a professional climate survey on behalf of the AEA.

Your participation in this important survey is vital to its success. Currently, evidence of discrimination and harassment in the economics profession is mostly anecdotal. A representative survey would provide more comprehensive information on the extent and nature of these issues and help to inform resulting programming and policy initiatives.

NORC at the University of Chicago specializes in confidential and secure data collection. No one from the AEA will know who responded or be able to match responses back to individuals. Data analysis will be completed by members of the AEA using a fully de-identified data file.

The success of our efforts largely depends on your thoughtful participation, and we hope that you choose to complete the survey. You can expect to receive the survey in the next two weeks. In the meantime, should you have any questions regarding the impetus for the survey or how the survey data will be used, please feel free to email the AEA at If you have questions regarding survey content, administration, or data security, please feel free to contact the researchers at NORC at

Thank you.