Only Minority Commission India Needs is:

Poverty Abatement Commission

Dr. Sankarshan Acharya

Citizens for Development and Pro-Prosperity.Com

According to a highly respected Muslim Leader, Imam Sheik Reda Shata, serving Brooklyn (NY) :

Is a Big Mac permissible? Yes, the imam says, but not a bacon cheeseburger.

It is a woman's right, Mr. Shata believes, to remove her hijab if she feels threatened. Muslims can take jobs serving alcohol and pork, he says, but only if other work cannot be found. Oral sex is acceptable, but only between married couples. Mortgages, he says, are necessary to move forward in America.

"Islam is supposed to make a person's life easier, not harder," Mr. Shata explained.


The New York Times article (running over 6 pages) shows Imam Shata has resolved conflicts between current thinking and rigidity of Quoran by becoming rational and flexible in his approach.  Rationality led Christians to separate rules of Church from constitutional governance by continually amended rules of law to reflect latest human wisdom. 

My considered view is that humans cannot be and should not be constrained to follow what was perhaps considered "wisdom" in 7th century AD or earlier.  Prophet Muhammad became popular when he professed that (i) no human was God or son of God, (ii) every human was equal, (iii) Gods could not take human forms and (iv) humans had no right to charge monetary interest on lending.  One-fifth of humanity followed his preaching.  But the same followers are now confused between Islamic laws prescribed by the Prophet and current rationality derived from human wisdom after 7th century AD. 

India must abandon all rules based on caste, tribe and religion.  India must adopt uniform civil codes and continually update them to reflect latest human wisdom and rationality.  The only minority commission India needs is "Poverty Abatement Commission" because it is the poor in each caste, tribe, religion and creed that needs help but does not get.  Our current quota policies for caste, tribe and religion are hurting the poor in each category because all the quota benefits are usurped by the upper crust leaders and their kith and kin in each group who advocate such self-enrichment policies to subjugate their respective groups of poor people.

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With best regards,   

Sankarshan Acharya