Facade of Indian Democracy and the Reality Under its Veneer
May 22, 2006

[Postscript: The Economist brands India as a flawed democracy (November 23, 2006).]

India’s rulers have used pompous-sounding entities like the Knowledge Commission to muzzle conscious people by keeping them busy on crumbs.  This allows them to concoct and operate on a divide-and-rule agenda for illegitimate aggrandizement of family, kith, kin and cronies.  How else could a top wanted criminal like Quatrocchi - as ascertained by the CBI and the government - wangle away Rs.21 crores of public wealth and escape by defying the Supreme Court?  This is despite pending government orders to the contrary and an Interpol notice to nab the absconding thug.        

How about the 63 million tonnes of iron ore exported away by decrees of rulers and their crony-miners annually to our competitor nations? My sources indicate that the public exchequers receive a pittance of $0.075 per tonne which is valued $85 per tonne in spot markets at sites of plants like POSCO and Nippon Steel that make huge profits? The bilaterally negotiated price of iron ore is about $45-55 per tonne.  Excluding the cost of mining and transportation, the miners and their patrons pocket at least $20 per tonne of public wealth. 

Such private usurpation of public wealth by bankrupting government treasuries is unconstitutional. The preamble of the constitution of India guarantees economic justice to public. This constitutional guarantee is being subverted by India's rulers to transfer public wealth to private coffers.

CFD has requested the PMO under the Right To Information Act for information on very specific questions relating to the exact figures of receipts by public exchequers, market prices, quantities of minerals extracted year-by-year along with the names of the miners and their political affiliation.  It has taken 6 months and we have received no answers.  The RTI Act is a farce.  The so-called educated Prime Minister is a mere façade for colossal loot of public wealth.  The issue of reservations and quotas is not what Rural India is revolting for.  They are revolting due to the loot of their mineral and forest wealth by displacing them, polluting their environment and scorching their lands.   

What is happening to the looted wealth?  They are “stored” in skyrocketing real-estate values in places where the ground water table is falling, drainage and sewerage system is clogging, water source is polluting and electricity is unavailable.  So, our wealth sinks into oblivion, to ground zero. We seem to have forgotten our civilization that perished when the water source vanished around the current deserts.     

The citizens, not members of Parliament, are supreme in a democracy. Citizens have dramatically shuffled the individuals who have entered Parliament from time to time. The group that enters Parliament after an election is approximately a random lot drawn from a motley pool, many with criminal backgrounds. These individuals cannot be supreme. Citizens generally detest such individuals who enter Parliament, indicating that these individuals are not supreme by the judgment of those (citizens) who are truly supreme in a democracy. Unfortunately, such individuals entering the Parliament are irrationally exuding power to blackmail the disorganized citizens.  This hurts the long-term interests of a great nation, making it suffer from unimaginable poverty and sickness. Rulers are deceiving us, purely for entrenchment and aggrandizement of self, kith, kin and cronies.

Reservations and quotas are the largesse being granted by government decree as birth rights.  Such birth rights have eroded national competitiveness, currency value, and balance of trade, leading to eventual loss of economic as well as political independence. This has also made masses of India penurious as the cost of survival has gone up due to the government printing and borrowing money by decree to blow away in schemes that recycle the created funds to almost the same group of rulers. 

The plight of salaried staff is not better either, inducing them to collect bribes to survive.  Just think about the adverse impact of rising costs of petrol, kerosene and cooking gas even on the so-called middle class!  It is due to an uncontrollably falling rupee stemming from deterioration of national competitiveness, precisely due to policies like birth rights for jobs and education.  People are agitating for such reasons, not quotas.  The current policy of establishing birth rights is a serious issue because it erodes national competitiveness, security, integrity and stability.  

In the postscript there is an email about the "Citizens for Development" forum comprising more than 3000 highly accomplished and well placed individuals globally.

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India among 54 flawed democracies:

[ 23 Nov, 2006 0951hrs ISTIANS ]

LONDON: India is one of the fifty-four countries that have flawed democracies, according to a new democracy index devised by the Economist Intelligence Unit, a division of the leading news magazine The Economist.

In a detailed analysis of the 'World in 2007', the magazine has devised the index that examines 60 indicators across five broad categories: free elections, civil liberties, functioning of government, political participation and political culture.

As per the index, India is listed among the 54 'flawed democracies' that include countries such as Brazil, Israel, Poland, Romania and Estonia. The list of 'authoritarian regimes' includes Pakistan.

Twenty-eight countries including the US, Britain, Norway, Denmark and Portugal are listed as 'full democracies'. Sweden is described as a 'near-perfect' democracy.

According to the index methodology, India scored 9.58 out of ten for its electoral process and pluralism and 8.21 out of ten for functioning of government. Its score for political participation was 5.56 out of 10 and 5.63 out of 10 for political culture. It got 9.41 out of ten for civil liberties.


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