India's Current System of Governance:
Subjugate masses through divisions into fiefs based on
language, religion and caste and foist fief-lords to bulldoze their fellow beings. 

Sankarshan Acharya

January 31, 2006

The idea behind India's current system of governance since independence was never to give people the freedom to prosper to make the nation stronger, but to control and delude voters for perpetual entrenchment in power and for self-aggrandizement.  This system has floundered badly. 

The current debate about whether MPs are supreme is unfortunately oblivious of the fact that people are smarter than MPs and are unquestionably supreme in a democracy.  Masses have exhibited amply that they are smarter than the high-commands, foisted fief-lords, MPs and MLAs.  They have continually rejected incumbent rulers.  They have rejected policies thrust on them.  Even the "illiterate" Adhibasis in Kalinga Nagar can teach lessons on market valuation.  They have demanded and even died for market (exchange) value of their agricultural lands, not some fiat money created by decree of neo-colonial lords.  They are not swayed by quotas of jungle that do not generate much income or livelihood. Neither are they enticed by the reservations which mostly go to an elite sub-class.

Isn't market valuation supposed to be the mechanism of exchange in the modern world?  Market value is determined by voluntary exchange of assets (lands and minerals) between the supplier (private and public owners) and parties (industrialists) with demand.  Market value is not something that can be decreed by the State.  The decision makers use propaganda tactics (like development and investment) to transfer public and private wealth to their own kith and kin or crony industrialists willing to share the loot. 

Even foisting tribal leaders on Adhibasi masses to continue the system of illegitimate self-aggrandizement and entrenchment does not fool the masses.  See, for example, the news clip below telling how Kalinga Nagar Adhibasis have rejected the BJP Chief of Orissa and demanded that he resign from his positions before talking to them.  Now even the Orissa BJP has warned that supplies to NTPC and NALCO would be blocked (see the other news clip in postscript)! 

CFD had indeed warned the Central government through a memorandum signed by grass-root leaders across party lines that minerals be valued by market prices for regional development.  Planning Commission and PMO have obviously flouted a legitimate public demand for founding modern India on principles of market valuation.  Propaganda that zillions of steel mills will bring tons of foreign capital to a poor state have been insanely deafening.  But such propaganda does not deceive even the "illiterate" Adhibasis.  The so-called investment capital is simply the exorbitantly priced plant and machinery needed to dig, process and export away public's mineral wealth from the country by (i) displacing and impoverishing hapless people, (ii) spoiling vast tracts of fertile agricultural lands, (iii) polluting water supply and environment and (iv) denuding, scorching and deforesting countryside.  The trumpeted economic growth of India is based on falsehood, not founded on truth

Removing a few MPs caught red-handed on a biased sting-operation does not divert people's attention from the truths.  People know how the honorable MPs and MLAs are dishonoring a supremely august Parliament and State Assemblies to protect the real usurpers of public wealth and many criminals by subverting the constitution that they have sworn to uphold.

India's independence movement took a concrete shape under Mahatma Gandhi's leadership only after his repeated pleas to the British to pay fair market prices to indigo farmers were rebuffed.  By the time the British conceded to this legitimate demand, movements against the colonial Raj had taken shape in India's countryside.  CFD foresees that the current neo-colonial system of governance will be repealed because (a) it is founded on false propaganda to transfer private and public wealth illegitimately to so-called industrialists and their patrons and (b) people know the truth. 

Why not accept people's legitimate demands peacefully, rather than confront and shoot them or maim and torture into submission like the colonial British rulers used to do?  Besides, the Constitution guarantees economic justice to public, which can be determined only by laws of economics: supply and demand to set prices in free markets, not by brute force and decree of the State.  How long can the State continue subversion of constitutional guarantees of economic justice to public for illegitimate self-aggrandizement of decision makers, their kith and kin and crony industrialists willing to share the loot?   

Marxism-influenced Pandit Nehru faced a dilemma by the time British decided to leave India: he was not sure whether Marxism-Dictatorship or Democracy was ideal form of governance for a new nation.  The ideal form of government is Benevolent Dictatorship, theoretically.  My book, Prosperity, goes deeper into various forms of governance and why some forms work and others do not with the multitude. Pandit Nehru was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi who wanted to uplift poor masses.  So Pandit Nehru dabbled with his own vision for governance: mixed economy, division of British India into fiefs based on religion (India and Pakistan), language (states within India) and caste (quotas for groups within states). 

Actions (not rhetoric) of Pandit Nehru show that his vision was more based on how to keep people under his control than to enhance prosperity and freedom within India.  So he foisted leaders on states to control masses through language-based oratory and goondas.  Pandit Nehru could control the Hindi-speaking belt, but he needed local language based fief-lords in non-Hindi belts. 

Now, the Hindi-belt has abandoned the Congress Party.  This speaks volumes about why Pandit Nehru's strategy stands exposed as a fiasco.  In fact, his idea went to the other extreme with some non-Hindi states demanding independence when he foisted Hindi as the "national" language so that he did not have to depend on local language leaders to control whole of India himself.  Pandit Nehru remained oblivious that his strategy had weakened the nation considerably.  The Chinese took advantage of this weakness.  Pandit Nehru felt till his end that he was deceived by the Chinese.  But he was deceived by his own policies that had weakened the nation.   

Congress Party has not realized even now how its policies have systematically weakened the nation.  The West saved us from the Chinese onslaught.  But now the West as well as China are competing to take over India economically.  This time we cannot escape either the Chinese or Western onslaught, though it will be economic.  Economic onslaught is a natural outcome that will oust the neo-colonial strategy of subjugating masses by dividing people based on language, religion and caste. 

Nations are built by a common natural bondage among people.  What is this common bondage for India?  Is it not our cultural heritage (mores, festivals, way of living and neighborliness)?  Leaders have no option but to nurture such bondage and repeal all policies based on religion and caste to ossify India.  Policies that are designed to pander to caste and religion (implicitly, tacitly, strategically or explicitly) are short-sighted because they will only weaken the society for eventual capitulation to outsiders.  Such capitulation is not a desirable outcome even to the leaders.  Pandit Nehru was not a happy man by the time of his death. 

Economic onslaught on India has already taken place as we are being forced to export raw materials and raw talents, and yet not balance the trade.  It is due to myopic policies driven by illegitimate self-aggrandizement and self-entrenchment interests.  The self-entrenchment strategy is illegitimate because Central High Commands continue to foist language, caste and religion based leaders on locals by presuming stupidity of voters.  Such leaders are being rejected by even Adhibasis of Kalinga Nagar. 

Orissa has been a benchmark epoch-making state in India. It is now the poorest state in the Union, based on per-capita income.  It was one of the most intellectually advanced regions in ancient Hindustan, as indicated by one of the four Shankaracharya Peeths in Puri, nonpareil literature like that of Jayadev, Kalidas and Upendra Bhanja (about 50% of this literature is still rotting on palm leaves).  This was the last state to fall to British rule.  So the state lost "modern wisdom" of the variety that made the British the richest during their heydays: using the Chinese idea of dynamite to devise weapons to kill humans afar to loot and become rich and use a small part of this richness to control people with guns pointed at their heads, as per a famous Western Professor of History.  This idea of becoming wealthy has manifested in 50000 nuclear warheads pointing at humanity. 

Some researchers say Gautam Buddha was born in Kapileswar village of Orissa.  The fiery Ashoka became a pacifist Buddhist in Orissa.  Buddhism spread across the world to conquer humanity without guns.  Ancient kings of Orissa had a practice of bringing the best and brightest intellectuals from all over India to establish them to cultivate wisdom and literature.  My ancestral family was one of those fetched by Bhanja King, who was trounced in one of the earliest wars of independence. The King's tribal army with swords and arrows could not withstand British Russell's guns.  Russell named the kingdom Russell Konda (which was later rechristened as Bhanja Nagar) and exiled the King.  Such erudite Kings and most of the literature and wisdom they cultivated in many parts of Orissa and India were virtually subjected to slow poison and irrelevance in the "modern" world. 

It is certainly not an accident that Orissa would nurture the foremost fiery leader of India's independence, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.  After Subhas Bose relinquished Congress Party, Orissa and its ancient past was completely drowned in modern India.   Even the illustrious Netaji's birthplace in Orissa has been relegated to a squalid lot!  The current events in Orissa cannot be shaping entirely in a vacuum.