In God We Trust

April 12, 2010

Sankarshan Acharya
Pro-Prosperity.Com and Citizens for Development

April 12, 2010

To:       Honorable President Barack Obama

Sub:     In God We Trust

Dear President Obama,

The first script on god is Gita by Krishna.  Gita is a rendition of how Krishna convinced a mighty warrior, Arjuna, who was enervated as he faced a war with relatives who practiced evil and refused to reform.  Gita revitalized Arjun to eradicate the evil.  Jesus Christ showed a nonviolent path to mitigate the evil forces, namely, by serving the oppressed. 

Whosoever has emancipated people from subjugation has been historically revered as god.

But the evil then morphed into surreptitious forms of usury to subjugate people.  Prophet Mohammad scripted strict laws against usury and for equality of all.  The British adopted more refined laws, but distorted their laws in colonial rules.  Mahatma Gandhi nonviolently disobeyed unfair distortions of laws. 

The U.S. adopted a constitution which scripts equality of all and protects everybody’s hard earned property.  “In God we Trust” permeated during the U.S. Civil War to eradicate the evil practice of slavery.  The pervasive trust in god was passed by an act of the Congress in 1956.

God has historically emerged as a mighty force within We the People to eradicate evil. 

What is the modern form of evil?  In the U.S., it is a set of rules which allow a few to surreptitiously wangle away the hard earned savings of the hardworking people.  Taking away someone’s hard earned savings is unconstitutional on two grounds: (i) private property earned through hard work is stolen by someone else, and (ii) the victim is bonded due to borrowing at usurious rate of his own money transferred to the robber. 

Here are two specific modern forms of evil researched by yours truly. 

1.      Usury is illegal because it bondages people.  Yet, usury is practiced in a sophisticated manner: (i) Banks borrow money that the Federal Reserve creates on the back of people at a lower rate to lend it to the people and government at usuriously higher rates.  (ii) Banks take taxpayer insured deposits to private hedge funds to bid up prices of consumer goods to inflict usurious prices on the same taxpaying people.  (iii) The Federal Reserve raises interest rates in response to rising prices orchestrated by private hedge funds based on money created on the back of people.  People are then forced to pay usuriously high rates of interest on their own money, which has been surreptitiously transferred to hedge funds and trusts through concocted rise in prices and fall in wages.

2.      Short selling is unconstitutional, yet it is legalized for market making holding companies to flood the supply of a security (beyond the legally outstanding) to depress its price to facilitate nibbling away of the hard earned savings of people invested in capital markets.  The price of a security will not fall as much as it does due to the artificial increase in its supply through short selling.  Short selling is unconstitutional because it facilitates an underhand transfer of hard earned savings of people.  Yet, it is made legal.  The beneficiaries have obviously scripted the unconstitutional rules.

No one has emerged as mighty enough to eradicate the modern form of evil, prevailing over centuries.  But, as Mahatma Gandhi has said, “Truth alone will endure; all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time.”  The truth is that a mighty force has historically emerged to eradicate evils. 

Gandhi’s quest for truth is rooted in his conviction that truth is god.  Define the universe as a set of all elements.  The truth about some elements that is within the domain of human knowledge is science.  The truth about the latent elements of the universe, which is not yet within the purview of humans, can be rightly construed as god.  A quest for the truth about the unknown elements is like a prayer or scientific research.[1]    

You have stated that signing of a universal healthcare system was right (dharma).  The truth is that such a universal healthcare bill would have been passed even if you could not succeed.  How?  The usurious healthcare industry has been dropping insurance for millions.  The uninsured pool has been rising.  There is a pervasive fear among the insured about losing their insurance.  People will have thus eventually voted for a universal healthcare in a democracy.  People will not abandon democracy.  Universal healthcare is thus the truth to prevail ultimately.

Have we garnered the power to eradicate the modern form of usury?  The mightiest commanders-in-chief on earth were obviously enervated when it came to reforming the modern form of usury.  It is because those who are thriving from it include the relatives and friends of the commanders.  The current predicament is the same as the one faced by the legendary warrior, Arjun, who lost his virility due to a fear of killing his evil relatives who were unwilling to reform.  Krishna then composed Gita to successfully convince Arjun why it was right (dharma) to eradicate the evil, notwithstanding any relationship with those who practiced evil. 

The time has come to eradicate modern usury.  In your language, it is the right thing to do.  It is also constitutional.

With profound regards,

Sankarshan Acharya