Global Agitations Against Government Subsidy to Special Interests

Contained in the paper, Governance Needed to Attain the Most Efficiently Competitive Economy.

Dr. Sankarshan Acharya
University of Illinois (U.S.A.)
and Research Center for Finance and Governance (India)

September 28, 2011




There is a nice coverage in New York Times about agitations globally with a title:

As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around Globe

It covers agitations globally including the "Occupy Wall Street" in USA and "India-Against-Corruption" movement in India..

The substance of the NYT article is captured by this paragraph: "Young Israeli organizers repeatedly turned out gigantic crowds insisting that their political leaders, regardless of party, had been so thoroughly captured by security concerns, ultra-Orthodox groups and other special interests that they could no longer respond to the country’s middle class."