Dr. Bhupal Singh

Obtained B.Tech. with specialization in Soil & Water Conservation Engg. from UPAU,Pant Nagar (1968), M.S. with specialization in Land Drainage from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi (1970),  Ph.D. (Land Drainage) from University of  New Castle-upon-Tyne, UK (1977) and Drainage Engineer’s Course from Ohio State University, USA (1979).


photo bhupalWas awarded ICAR National Scholarship (1968), Gold Medal at IARI (1970), Commonwealth Fellowship in UK (1974), UNDP (FAO) Fellowship in USA (1979), and  ISAE Commendation Medal (1989). The Institution of Engineers (India) has awarded him the Diploma of Fellowship (1989) and he is a Chartered Agricultural Engineer.


Dr. Singh is a Life Member of Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE), Life Member of Indian Association of  Soil & Water Conservationists (IASWC) and is a Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India).


Served as Jr. Engineer with All India Coordinated Research Project for Dry Land Agriculture (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) from 1971 to 1974 at RBS College, Bichpuri, Agra and conducted a series of research experiments on Soil Moisture Conservation, Rain Water Harvesting, Water storage & re-cycle, Seepage control measures, Minimal Irrigation for survival of crops in dry land agriculture and supplemental irrigation for increased yields and Design of various structures for soil and water management in agricultural farms.


Served as ‘Soil Scientist’, as ‘Water Technologist’ and as Head of Soil & Water Management Dept. at Tocklai Experimental Station, Tea Research Association, Jorhat, Assam from 1977 to 1991 and conducted several research experiments on Land Drainage, Flood Protection, Pump-outlet systems, Underground Pipe Drainage system, Soil Erosion Control, Soil Moisture Conservation techniques, Soil  Rehabilitation (pre-planting & Post-planting), Reclamation of marginal lands, Improvement of soil Physical, Chemical & Biological properties for increased tea production, Sprinkler and Drip irrigation system design, Ground Water Exploration for drinking and irrigation, design of Irrigation Structures and Flume Channels (Open pipe flumes), selection of Irrigation Pumps, design of Water reservoirs, Development of natural sources of surface and sub-surface water and perched water table.


Served as a Visiting Faculty to Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Bangkok (1983) and delivered lectures to Engineering graduate students of AIT.


As Executive Director of SWM Services Pvt. Ltd., from 1991 to 2008, provided technical consultancy services to tea plantations in Assam, WB, Cachar, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Nepal, Bangladesh & Tanzania with major interests in Soil & Water Management, Reclamation of Marginal Lands, Land Drainage System Design, Sprinkler Irrigation Design, Flood Protection, Pump Outlets, Organic Tea Plantation  Management etc.


Dr. Singh has worked as Technical Consultant (Soil & Water Management) to several leading tea companies in India and abroad since 1991. This includes Assam Co., Williamson Magor, McCloud & Russel Co., Warren Tea Co., Rossell (Jokai) Tea Co., Hindustan Lever Ltd., Gudricke Tea Co., Duncans Tea Co., Gillanders Tea Co., Octavius Tea Co., Hashimara Group, Dalmia Tea Co. Harrisson Malayalam, BBTC (Bombay Burmah Tea Co.), Assam Brooks, Gillidhari Tea Co., and a large number of privately managed tea gardens in India.


Served as Professor & Director at Centre for Agri Informatics Engineering, Shobhit University, Meerut from June 2009 to September 2010.


Has conducted more than 100 lecture courses, seminars & workshops to the executives of several tea companies in India and has delivered more than 280 Special lectures on various subjects related to Land & Water Management.





Honours & Awards:


  1. UP Govt. Loan Scholarship : 1964-1968
  2. ICAR National Scholarship :1968-70
  3. Gold Medal award at IARI : 1970
  4. Commonwealth Fellowship (UK) : 1974-77
  5. UNDP (FAO) Fellowship in USA : 1979
  6. ISAE Commendation Medal : 1986




Soil Management :     

                                    Soil Physical, Chemical & Biological amendments

                                    Soil Fertility Management and Plant Nutrition

                                    Soil Rehabilitation; Uprooted old tea areas for re-plantation, Semi-marginal lands

Land Drainage :          Design of Drainage system for Flat Lands, Land with Rolling

                                    Topography and Lands with Steep Slopes + Cachar Teelahs.

Drainage of Lands having restricted outlets and affected by floods.

Design of Open drainage system, Underground Pipe Drainage System and Pump-Outlets.

Sprinkler Irrigation:   Design, Layout and Operation of Sprinkler Irrigation System in

Flat Lands and steep hill slopes under tea plantation.

NPK fertigation through sprinkler system.



(Dr. Bhupal Singh)

Place:   Meerut             Date: 01.04.2018